IOWCC Christmas Night out – Friday 20th December!

A table has been booked at the Bargeman’s Rest in Newport for Friday the 20th of December at 7-7:30 in the evening!

We are able to order from the regular Bar menu and I’m told there is live music on later in the evening which should make for a nice relaxed evening!

Numbers are limited so if you would like to come please can you let us know so I can keep track of how many spaces we have.

Alternatively If you just want to come for a drink later in the evening I’m sure we’ll all still be there!

Please let me know if you want to come either by emailing us on or by catching me (Toby) at the weekend Cheers!


BAE Systems Car Park


The latest round of the Isle of Wight Car Club championship was held on Saturday at the BAE Systems car park. It was a very wet and cold day but with only one more round after this one to decide the drivers and class championship titles, the competition was getting intense as any mistakes today would put more pressure on the drivers going into the final round.

RUN 1 .. First to set the pace was Andy Williams with a time of  54.29 sec, closely followed by Dave Dutch on a 54.32 sec, then Toby Allen on 54.51 sec, then Dave Goodwin on 54.81 sec , James Robbins on 55.27 sec , John Dutch on 56.07 sec .

RUN 2 ..  Saw many more drivers picking up the pace and as a result the leader boards was changing. This time Dave Dutch put in a time of 53.33 sec and then James Robbins only on a 54.01 sec , then Dave Goodwin on 55.32 sec , then Chris Greenen and Steve Stotesbury on a 56.16 sec and then Andy Williams on 56.62 sec .

RUN 3 .. saw Toby Allen setting a new pace of 51.87 Sec for all others to follow, Steve Wells gave chase with a 52.45 sec then John Dutch on 52.83 sec , Dave Dutch on 52.94 sec , Dave Goodwin on 53.06 sec , Dean Long on 53.19 sec ..

RUN 4 .. Saw Toby Allen set a time of 51.68 sec, Hot on his heels was Dave Goodwin on a 51.71 sec then Dan Morgan on 51.89 sec , Steve Wells on 51.89 sec , Adam Greenen on 52.05 sec, Chris Greenen on 52.82 sec ..

RUN 5 .. Once again saw Toby Allen set a target time of 50.64 sec for the others to reach, Dave Dutch got close on a 51.60 sec with Steve Wells hard on their heels with a 52.00 sec , then Daniel Kozakewycz on 52.20 sec , Andy Williams on 52.62 sec , Dean Long on 53.33 sec .

It was a very close competition for all the top drivers. But Toby Allen managed a super time of 50.64 sec in his 5th run that was enough to give him the overall win.


Congratulations to Toby on a great drive and his win


1st  Toby Allen on 50.64 sec

2nd  Dave Dutch on 51.60 sec

3rd  Dave Goodwin on 51.71 sec

4th Dan Morgan on 51.89 sec

5th  Steve Wells on 51.98 sec

6th Adam Greenen on 52.05 sec

Fastest LADIES of the Day

1st Vicky Cox

2nd  Linda Burt

3rd  Jill Williams

4th  Pam Moore

class 1

1st  Darren Cole

class  2

1st  Daniel Kozakewycz

2nd  Dean Long

3rd  Phil Rudd

4th  Daryl Turner

5th  Tony Long

class 3

1st  Dave Dutch

2nd  Dave Goodwin

3rd  Adam Greenen

4th  Chris Greenen

5th  Kevin Richardson

class 4

1st  Toby Allen

2nd  James Robbins

3rd  Seve Stotesbury

4th  Oliver Chatham

5th  David Smithies

class 5

1st  Dan Morgan

2nd  Steve Wells

3rd  Andy Williams

4th  John Dutch

5th  Chris Wilson


Isle of Wight Car Club


ROUND 15  ( SS )



Dave Dutch Takes his fifth overall round win

of the Sealed Surface championship and retains the SS Championship Title



Round 15 was the final round of the sealed surface championship. This saw many drivers closely following their position on the leader board as today would decide the overall championship and all the class championships titles. Also only having four runs this time would put more pressure on the drivers to get their best run times in early.

With the weather on our side, the battle commenced and first to set the pace in

RUN 1 .. Was John Dutch then Toby Allan only one hundredths of a second behind, then Adam Greenen and Ricky Sheppard.

RUN 2 .. Saw Dave Dutch set a new FTD, over four seconds ahead of his brother John’s time, but now Dan Morgan wanted part of the action and he was followed closely by Steve Wells, then Ricky Sheppard, then Kevin Richardson.

RUN 3 .. Saw Dan Morgan set a new FTD followed closely by Dave Dutch, then Steve Wells, then Toby Allen and then Ricky Sheppard, Dave Goodwin, John Dutch.

RUN 4 .. The final chance to take the FTD and it was once again Dave Dutch to set the new pace, Toby Allen chased hard but it was not enough, Toby was being pushed hard by Neil Glasbey and he was by John Dutch and Steve Glasbey, then Steve Wells.

Apart from the overall battle there were also many class battles going on…

Congratulations to Dave on a great drive and his win


1st  Dave Dutch on 58.54 sec

2nd  Dan Morgan on 58.95 sec

3rd  Toby Allen on 59.24 sec

4th Neil Glasbey on 59.62 sec

5th  Steve Wells on 60.36 sec

6th John Dutch on 60.44 sec

Fastest LADIES of the Day

1st Vicky Cox

2nd  Jill Williams

3rd  Linda Burt

4th  Pam Moore

class 1

1st  Darren Cole

class  2

1st  Dean Long

2nd  Daniel Kozakewycz

3rd  Daryl Turner

4th  Phil Rudd

5th  Tony Long

6th  Dave Rose

class 3

1st  Dave Dutch

2nd  Dave Goodwin

3rd  Kevin Richardson

4th  Adam Greenen

5th  Dan Howell

class 4

1st  Toby Allen

2nd  Neil Glasbey

3rd  Steve Glasbey

4th  Ricky Sheppard

5th  Steve Stotesbury

class 5

1st  Dan Morgan

2nd  Steve Wells

3rd  John Dutch

4th  Paul Wills

5th  Martyn Cutler

Write-up by John Dutch …   Picture by Allan Marsh     


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