2024 sponsorships

here is this years sponsors which we have a very wide range of sponsors from a clothing brand to auto cleaning and many more check out there Facebook pages and websites. To take full advantage of your memberships please present your digital membership to receive your discount.


Round 1 report

The first round of the IOWCC sealed surface Autotest calendar was held at BAE car park in Cowes.

This popular venue and is great for spectators even though it was very cold.

Robbie cooper took the reins as Clerk of the course, this role includes many duties, including designing and setting the course. The course robbie design of the course was set out to challenge our drivers with 360s a chicane and much more.

Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc – Jamie duff in the Citroen c2 started the day off with a time of 75.15 and by the end of the day came 1st in this class with an impressive 69.91.

Class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc –  Wayne Hole in his Mazda mx5 took 1st place in his class and 3rd place over all.

Class 3 is for modified cars under 1400cc –Steve staff in his Nissan mirca took first place in class with a 66.4.

Class 4 is for modified cars over 1400cc-John cooper in his Audi tts came first in his class with a time of 64.51,he also came 2rd overall. We look forward to seeing him at the sprint in this impressive car.

Fastest youth of the day was Kara duff one of our new members for 2024. In the Citroen c2 with her best time being 75.08.
Club members can drive as young as 14 years old

Class 5 is for heavily modified cars, limited production cars and specials such as Martin Goddard’s single seater special. Ryan munt in his locost took 1st in this class and 1st overall. With an impressive 61.63.

Fastest lady of the day was Courtney Mullen in the Ford puma with an amazing time of 68.95.

Well done to everyone who won.
We would like you to thank everyone who helped on Sunday with setting up and packing away.

As always thank you to pro-tek for sponsoring the podium and to our new sponsor’s which the will be another write-up on and what benefits are open to the club members

AGM 2024 – Members’ Agenda Items

Thank you to all the members who have submitted items to be discussed at the 2024 AGM. There was one overwhelming theme – the Youth Championship! Concerns have been raised about how once a member passes their test they are able to drive a car which is prohibited for unlicenced drivers.

It’s important to have a starting point for any discussion, so I would propose the following be defined in the 2024 IOWCC Autotest Championship Regulations:

Youth Championship Eligibility: All entrants must hold a Junior membership of the Isle Of Wight Car Club and compete in a vehicle eligible under GR M.17

Junior memberships are available to anybody who is under 18 at the start of the membership year. For those of you who haven’t memorised the Blue Book, General Regulation M.17 reads:

Entries may be accepted from Drivers who are aged 14 years and over who do not have a valid, full RTA Licence, subject to:
(a) The vehicle must by definition be a ‘’Touring Car’’;
(b) The vehicle engine capacity must not exceed 2000cc including forced induction;
(c) A passenger must be carried who holds a valid, full RTA licence and be experienced in Autotests or AutoSOLOs.

This means the Youth Championship remains open to newly licenced drivers who may not have had the luxury of competing with us since they were 14, but they will have to compete on a level footing in terms of their car.

It’s great that the Youth Championship has been so popular and we hope it continues to be!

One other suggestion received was to mix up the event format a little, perhaps with multiple tests or using cumulative times. While this is difficult to do within the championship, perhaps we could make use of Motorsport UK’s new “Evening Autotest” permit which offers a reduced fee (and therefore reduced entry fees!) to hold some non-championship events during the summer months. Ideas welcome!

See you all at the AGM,

IOWCC Secretary

Have your say at the AGM

What is an AGM? An AGM is the process by which the club reviews their year and elects a committee for the following year.

It also gives all IOWCC members a fair and democratic opportunity to affect the way that the club is run.


If you have a question for the committee or a suggestion to change club structure or rules you must submit them to the club before the AGM in the form of an agenda item via email.
All agenda items will then be posted on the club website.
This way members will have time to think about all the agenda items in advance and this may assist members if a vote is required at the AGM.

– Agenda items acceptance will close on midnight Sunday the 10th of March
– All Agenda items will be posted on the IOWCC website Wednesday the 13th of march.

Send your Agenda items complete with your name to

Make your opinion count

The 2024 IOWCC AGM
will be held at the Ambassador club on the 16th of march.
we look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate the winners and what we have achieved as a club

AGM times
Arrive 17.30 for eating at 18.00 (if pre booked).
AGM 19.15
Awards 20.30

2024 AGM & Awards Night

Hello everyoneDon’t miss out on the biggest night of the year.The 2024 IOWCC AGM will be held at the Ambassador club on the 16th of march. we look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate the winners and what we have achieved as a club

The format has changed slightly for this year.

If you wish to have food before the meeting arrive by 5:30 and could you please email robbie.iowcc@gmail.com Before the 7th of march to ensure they have the correct amount of food for all of us. We look forward to seeing you all there. If you are unsure on anything please contact the club.

Get close to the Action

We still have two spaces available Sunday 3rd March for two marshals to join the IOWCC marshal team at Bovington Rally Stages. Leaving the island 0600, returning 1930. This rally is a non spectator event so if you want to see some of the best action why not join the marshalling team for the day, it will give you a good insight into rallying and what being a marshal entails .

If you are interested please contact the club

You should be a marshal

For anyone who is passionate about motorsport but does not necessarily want to get behind the wheel, becoming a marshal is a great way to get close to the action.

The Isle of Wight Car Club are actively seeking people to be accredited marshals for evens such as –

The Island Speed trials (Sandown Sprint)

The Island Stages

Sprints, Hillcimb and rally events on the mainland

If you feel this is a role that you would be interested in – The IOWCC will guide you through the process of becoming accredited and how to marshal at some of these events.

please contact the club via our marshals page

also check out the motorsport UK marshals section on their website

Would you like to be a marshal at the Bovington Rally stages on the 2nd and 3rd of March?

We have a team of marshals heading there for the weekend to assist the Bournemouth & District Car Club (BDCC) and you are invited

contact the club for more details

Time to renew your IOWCC membership

Why do you need to be a member?
Almost all motorsport UK motorsport events require you to be a member of an affiliated club – your IOWCC membership will open the door to so much more than IOW events. 
Your IOWCC membership runs from the 1st of jan until the end of Dec, you can apply and pay via our website.

Membership cards
You will now be issued with a digital membership card, this will have your membership number on it and will be needed to compete in Motorsport UK events and will also give you access to some amazing deals through our sponsors and partners.
Thank you for being a member.

Please remember to FILL IN THE MEMBERSHIP FORM as well as pay via the pay pal link – Thank you

It is also time to renew your Motorsport UK licence

To compete at Isle of Wight Car Club Autotest events as a driver or a passenger in 2024 you will need to hold a new RS Clubman licence as a minimum, which will be free of charge.

The RS Clubman licence can be applied for online via the Motorsport UK website and aims to encourage more grass roots participation, as well as ensuring all Motorsport UK event competitors are covered by comprehensive insurance. Additionally, licence holders will have access to Motorsport UK’s Member Benefits Programme that includes the new upgraded personal accident cover.

2024 1b and 1c list

The moment you have all been waiting for – “The Christmas Holidays?” – NO – the 2024 Motorsport UK tyre list. So just to be clear – Motorsport UK insist that cars are NOT PERMITTED to use any tyre on the current 1B or 1C list for autotesting. On top of this there are IOWCC restrictions for classes 1 and 2 but we can discuss them later – in the meantime here is that magic list of banned tyres for 2024. Don’t forget you can get a great deal from our partner Wight Tyres if you flash your current IOWCC membership card.