Our main championship is a series of forward-only autotests, but the calendar often includes other disciplines such as scatter rallies, trials and treasure hunts – all suitable for a normal car.

Club members are active in circuit racing, stage rallying and sprint/hillclimbing so whatever takes your fancy there will be someone to help and guide you into motorsport.

Forward-only Autotesting

Autotests are focused on car control rather than outright speed. Most courses will only ever require 1st gear and stay below 30mph, usually lasting around 60 seconds. You don’t need a purpose built car to be competitive – ordinary road going cars are capable of winning events with a skilled driver behind the wheel!

You can drive in an autotest from the age of 14 provided your car has a roof, back seats and no more than a 2 litre engine. An experienced competitor will sit in with you to offer help and advice – a great way to get experience with car control before you learn to drive on the road.

We hold events on sealed surfaces such as private car parks and unsealed surfaces such as grass fields and quarries. Your car doesn’t have to be road legal to compete at our events, but it does have to be safe – see the “supplementary regulations” on each event page for details and if you’re not sure you can talk to us at an event or contact us with your questions.

The courses are typically set out around marker cones. Touch a cone and you receive a penalty added to your time. Drivers walk the course before the event and you can always watch others to learn the route around the marker cones.

See the events page to check when and where our next event is. If you think it may be for you, come and say hello!