Round 6 Report BAE Systems


The latest round of the Isle of Wight Car Club championship was held last Sunday at the BAE Systems car park. It was a blistering hot sunny day but not as hot as the drivers championship was getting. The competition getting closer and closer on times to where the difference in finishing position could be down to hundreds of a second…


RUN 1 .. First to set the pace was John Dutch in his mini with a time of  56.29 sec, closely followed by Will Thomas on a 57.23 sec, then Chris Greenen on 57.66 sec, then Andy Greenen on 58.58 sec , Mike Hughes on 59.52 sec , Wayne Hole on 59.60 sec .

RUN 2 ..  Saw many more drivers picking up the pace and as a result the leader boards was changing. This time Dave Goodwin put in a time of 53.89 sec and then Dan Morgan only 5 100th of a seconds behind him on a 53.94 sec , then Toby Allen on 56.53 sec , then Chris Greenen on 56.81 sec , Mike Hughes on 57.29 sec , Dereck Thomas on 57.38 sec .

RUN 3 .. saw Toby Allen setting a new pace of 53.04 sec for all others to follow, Dave Goodwin gave chase with a 53.86 sec then Chris Greenen on 54.35 sec , Andy Williams on 54.48 sec , Adam Greenen on 54.79 sec , John Dutch on 55.15 sec ..

RUN 4 .. Saw Dave Dutch finally set a competitive time of 53.13 sec, after suffering with fuel pressure problems for his first three runs. Hot on his heels was Toby Allen on a 53.20 sec then Dave Goodwin on 53.29 sec , John Dutch on 53.33 sec , Dan Morgan on 53.50 sec , Chris Greenen on 53.89 sec ..

RUN 5 .. Once again saw Dave Dutch set a target time of 52.48 sec for the others to reach, Andy Williams got close on a 52.64 sec with John Dutch hard on their heels with a 52.91 sec , then Dan Morgan on 53.42 sec , Neil Glasbey on 55.33 sec , Andrew Foster on 55.73 sec .

RUN 6 .. Saw the top three drivers Dave Dutch, Andy Willliams and John Dutch unable to improve on there times but Dave Goodwin did with a 52.96 sec and also Toby Allen on 52.98 sec and then Chris Wilson on a 53.75 sec ..


It was a very close competition for all the top drivers. But Dave Dutch managed a super time on his 5th run that was enough to give him his second win of the 2013 season.


1st  Dave Dutch on 52.48 sec

2nd  Andy Williams on 52.64 sec

3rd  John Dutch on 52.91 sec

4th Dave Goodwin on 52.96 sec

5th  Toby Allen on 52.98 sec

6th Dan Morgan on 53.42 sec


 Fastest LADIES of the Day

1st Jill Williams

2nd  Linda Burt

3rd  Jemma Western

4th  Marion Saunders

5th  Elanor Watson

6th Anna Weaver

class 1

1st  Tim Thompson in his ELECTRIC Renault car

class  2

1st  Dean Long

2nd  Daniel Kozakewycz

3rd  Daryl Turner

4th  Tom Silvester

5th  Brian Robbins

6th Tony Long

class 3

1st  Dave Dutch

2nd  Dave Goodwin

3rd  Chris Greenen

4th  Adam Greenen

5th  Andy Greenen

6th  Wayne Hole

class 4

1st  Toby Allen

2nd  Neil Glasbey

3rd  Andrew Foster

4th  Steve Glasbey

5th  Dave Bizzill

class 5

1st  Andy Williams

2nd  John Dutch

3rd  Dan Morgan

4th  Chris Wilson

5th  Steve Brett

Next meeting is a (USS) and weather permitting will be at Knighton Sand Pit on the 21st of July ..


Write-up by John Dutch …   Picture by Allan Marsh     

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