Round 7 Write up – Knighton Sandpit

One 100th of a second splits Dan Morgan and Darren Taylor

The closest finish ever 

This was to be the third unsealed surface (USS) meeting of the 2013 campaign and with the weather being blistering hot all week it was set to be dusty and with little wind to clear the dust it left the potential of driving into your own dust making vision at times limited, but this was not to put off the hardy competitors of the Isle of Wight Car Club.

First to set the pace was Darren Taylor in his Mazda 323 (known in the club as the king of Knighton) but hard on his heals was Neil Glasbey and then John Dutch ,Terry Steel , Steve Brett , and then Ryan Munt.

As the day moved on Darren Taylor was setting better and better times, not to be left out Neil Glasbey , Dan Morgan , Ryan Munt were also coming on strong. John Dutch was doing his best to hang onto the leaders. After the first three runs It looked like Darren Taylor was on for another win at Knighton but Ryan Munt had his own plan and put in a stunning time of 78:34 seconds, closely followed by Dan Morgan on a 78:41 seconds . Then on the 6th and final run Dan Morgan set a time of 77:38 seconds , which pushed Darren Taylor into second place with his time of 77:39 seconds , with Ryan Munt on a 78:34 seconds having to settle for 3rd place overall this time. He was followed by Neil Glasbey on a 79:43 seconds and then John Dutch on a 79:74 seconds ..

Not only was Dan Morgan and Darren Taylor one 100th of a second apart but a full second ahead of Ryan Munt in 3rd place .

Outstanding driving from both Dan Morgan and Darren Taylor


1st  Dan Morgan on 77:38 sec

2nd  Darren Taylor on 77:39 sec

3rd  Ryan Munt on 78:34 sec

4th Neil Glasbey on 79:43 sec

5th  John Dutch on 79:74 sec

6th Brian Robbins on 81:15 sec

Fastest LADIES of the Day

1st Vicky Cox

2nd  Linda Burt

3rd  Marion Saunders

4th  Jill Williams

class 1

1st  No entries this time

class  2

1st  Dean Long

2nd  Daryl Turner

3rd  Tony Long

class 3

1st  Steve Brett

2nd  Brad Cullen

3rd  Marion Saunders

class 4

1st  Dan Morgan

2nd  Ryan Munt

3rd  Neil Glasbey

4th  Brian Robbins

5th  James Robbins

class 5

1st  Darren Taylor

2nd  John Dutch

3rd  Terry Steele

4th  Chris Wilson

5th  Andy Williams

 NEXT MEETING   Charity Day at NORTHWOOD SHOW GROUND  on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of  August

Pictures by Allan Marsh

Write up by John Dutch

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