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With the weather on our side Round 2 Once again saw an epic battle between Dave Dutch and Toby Allen fighting it out for that fastest overall time of the day but this time they had more than each other to think about as John Dutch, Chris Greenen, Chris Wilson,  Adam Greenen and Andy Williams were hard on there heels for that top spot. This time after Toby took the fastest time from Dave at round 1 Dave was out to set a time for all the others to try and beat and that’s what he did with a fastest time of  1:00:72 followed by Toby with a 1:01:22 and then John Dutch with a 1:01:97 only 1.25 seconds between them…

Final Overall Result


1st Dave Dutch  1:00:72

2nd Toby Allen  1:01:22

3rd John Dutch  1:01:97

4th Chris Greenen  1:02:30

5th Chris Wilson  1:02:35

6th Adam Greenen  1:02:52

There were also many class battles going on as well..

Class 1 ….. no entries this time..

Class 2 ….. 1st was Daniel Kozakowycz  then Dean Long followed by Tom Silvester and Tony Long .

Class 3 ….. This Hotly contested class was once again dominated by Dave Dutch in his DUTCHSPEED mini Pickup but Chris Greenen was chasing hard but could not get anywhere near the pace of Dave, Chris was followed by his son  Adam Greenen then David Goodwin and Kevin Richardson then Andy Greenen, Wayne Hole, Steve Brett, Marion Saunders, Jemma Western..

Class 4  … This class was the most contested class on the day and was dominated by Toby Allen and over a second ahead of  Neil Glasbey who was closely followed by Andrew Foster, David Bizzell, Matthew Griffin, Richard Weaver, Steve Glasbey , Phil Munday, Danny Grist, Kevin, Ricky Sheppard, Dave Leppard, Barney Lower, Paul Wills, Robert Smith, Linda Burt, Neil Corney, Jamie Duff, Sam Tailor,

Class 5 …  This also was a hotly contested class this year with twice the entries of last year but saw  last years champion of this class John Dutch in his DUTCHSPEED Mini Special once again coming out on top but hot on his heels was Chris Wilson who pushed John hard all day followed by Andy Williams, Dan Morgan, Darren Taylor and finally new lady driver Jill Williams…

Ladies leader board..  Marion Saunders, Linda Burt , Jemma Western, Jill Williams ….

Write-up by John Dutch          

Picture by Allan Marsh

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