IOW College Round 8 2012

IOW COLLEGE Round 8 23-9-2012

The weather forecast was for heavy rain for most of the day and rain it did in bucket fulls but this was not going to put off the Isle of Wight Car Club holding round 8 of 12 rounds of it auto test championship at the IOW College car park.

Rain was not going to be enough to deter these hardy motorsport enthusiasts on this Sunday as 30 drivers prepared for the day ahead.

Apart from the overall club championship there were many battles going on in all the classes including the ladies championship up for grabs.


In class 1

Wayne Hole took 1st place with a time of 1:24:07 followed by Jemma Western with a time of 1:30:27 and then in 3rd was a new lady driver Jess Greenen who has only passed her driving test recently showing great potential with a time of 1:35:19

Class 2

Saw a close and hard fault battle between Dean Long and Daryl Turner with Dean coming out on top with a time of 1:19:35 and Daryl on a time of 1:20:00 followed by Chris Greenen in 3rd on 1:23:01 and then Dave Leppard in 4th on a 1:26:01

Class 3

Once again saw Dave Dutch win this class, that’s now four class wins in a row with a time of 1:14:08 which also gave him the fastest time of the day overall and another round win in his DUTCHSPEED Modified Mini Pickup. 2nd and 3rd places were a close battle between the brothers Andy and Adam Greenen..

Class 4

This class was hotly contested with Toby Allen coming out on top with a time of 1:15:14 , not enough to knock Dave Dutch off the top spot but enough to give him 2nd overall as well as the class 4 win.

Close behind Toby was another even closer battle going on for 2nd and 3rd place between Dave Bizzill and Matt Griffin , Dave grabbed 2nd with time of 1:16:27 and Matt a time of 1:16:28 only 100th of a second between them, followed by Steve Glasbey in a time of 1:17:96.

Class 5

Another hotly contested class with Darren Taylor and John Dutch who always seem to be trading fastest times for that 1st and 2nd places in class , this time Darren came out on top with a time of 1:17:85 and John on a time of 1:18:12 . In 3rd place was Andy Williams with 1:21:03 and close behind was Chris Wilson on 1:22:24 .

Ladies Class

Normally 6 or more ladies contest this class BUT WE NEED MORE to come racing with us.

In 1st spot was Linda Burt with a time of 1:27:51 followed by Jemma Western on 1:30:27 and then New Lady driver Jess Greenen on 1:35:19

More details can be found on


Pictures by Allan Marsh


Write up by John Dutch




1st Dave Dutch

2nd Toby Allen

3rd Dave Bizzill

4th Matt Griffin

5th Darren Taylor



1st Dave Dutch on 150 points

2nd Toby Allen on 145 points

3rd Dave Goodwin on 144 points

4th Dave Bizzill on 139 points

5th Matt Griffin on 138 points




1st John Dutch on 146 points

2nd Neil Glasbey on 145 points

3rd Darren Taylor on 143 points

4th Steve Brett on 140 points




1st Toby Allen on 278 points

2nd John Dutch on 277 points

3rd Darren Taylor on 271 points

4th Dan Morgan on 268 points

5th Andy Williams on 251 points


A long awaited venue for many as it gave an opportunity to try out a new venue to the calendar kindly provided by Paul the owner. The track was laid out by Steve and Paul although looked a bit small to many on first viewing turned out to be a great little track with fast and slower bits in it, a good mix. The weather forecast was hot and sunny and was it hot indeed it was and it was needed as the grass field was wet and slippery for the first two runs but as the grass came off the surface and the sun dried it out the grip levels came up and the run times came down…

First to set the pace in RUN 1 was Darren Taylor known as the King of Knighton posting a time of 1:03:30 closely followed by Brad Cullen in a time of 1:03:64 and then John Dutch in a time of 1:03:84.

RUN 2.. Saw Steve Stotesbury in his 4WD Scooby getting a clean run without hitting any cones and posted a time of 54:52 followed by Darren Taylor on a 55:59 and then Neil Glasbey with a time of 55:73

RUN 3.. The track grip was now getting much better and the times were getting closer but Steve Stotesbury liked being on the top of the leader board and decided he was going to TRY and stay there if he could so set a time of 52:53 , Darren Taylor had the same idea but posted a time of 53:05 but he had to worry about Neil Glasbey who was only a 3 tenths behind him on a 53:33 who was followed by John Dutch on a 54:33

RUN 4.. Steve Stotesbury knew the chasing pack was only going to get closer as the day went on so posted a time of 49:76 and closer they got Neil Glasbey posted a time of 51:20 but Darren Taylor was getting a bit too close on a time of 51:87 , Steve Brett was not going to be left out of this chase and posted a time of 52:40

RUN 5.. Saw John Dutch winner of the last round finally getting on the pace and posting a time of 51:13 , he was chased hard by Steve Brett who wanted to let John know he was hard on his heels and posted a time of 51:36 , but now Ryan Munt said don’t forget me boy’s I am coming and posted a time of 52:09 just pushing Terry Steele into 4th place posting a time of 52:84

RUN 6.. THE final chance for everyone to get there fastest time and knock Steve off the top of the leader board, John knew this so he threw caution to wind and just went for it but over drove his mini and could not better his run 5 time of 51:13 this left John in 2nd overall at this point and wondering if he had blown it at the last minute and allowing the chasing pack to deny him a second place overall and chase they did, Darren Taylor posted his best time of 51:16 just three 100’s behind John, Followed by Neil Glasbey posting a time of 51:86

which was not an improvement on his run 4 time of 51:20 .

All a bit too close for Steve but his RUN 4 time of 49:76 was enough to give him the class WIN and overall WIN.

Congratulations to STEVE on a great drive and his win


1st Steve Stotesbury

2nd John Dutch

3rd Darren Taylor

4th Neil Glasbey

5th Steve Brett

Fastest LADIES of the Day

1st Vicky Cox

2nd Marion Saunders

3rd Linda Burt

4th Jemma Western

5th ………………..

class 1

1st Wayne Hole

2nd Jemma Western

class 2

1st …………

2nd ………….

class 3

1st Steve Brett

2nd Marion Saunders

3rd Kevin Richardson

4th ………………

class 4

1st Steve Stotesbury

2nd Neil Glasbey

3rd Ryan Munt

4th Toby Allen

5th Matt Price

class 5

1st John Dutch

2nd Darren Taylor

3rd Terry Steele

4th Steve Glass

5th Andy Williams

Committee Meeting 11 Sept 2012

Isle of Wight Car Club Committee Meeting


Venue:                      Camp Hill Social Club


Time and Date:        11 September 2012, 8pm


Attendees:                AW, PW, MS, JD, DW, BR, PR, DM, RW, MP, TA


Guests:                     None


Apologies:                SS, GB, DG






1.    Acceptance of Minutes

Ventnor Botanics, 99% confirmed for 1st week of March 2013










2.    Matters Arising

Try to avoid Bestival / Festival / IOW events etc for 2013 season

Send / hand over kissy puppy money to Sophie Rolf fund

30 people coming for Healey Weekend, 12/15 drivers

Book Bargemans for HW

















3.    Membership Report

Pallance Farm 24 drivers, 9 pre sign, 15 day, 1 new full member, 1 day member.  £303 Cashola

Ryan Munt approved.  RW proposes, BR 2nds, all agree.









4.    Treasurer’s Report

Cheque for £1900 given to AW for Kissy Puppy

Rest MIA







5.    Venues

23rd September – College – Cool

14th October – Change to Atherfield

28th October – Knighon – Cool

10th Nov – BAE – Probably fine














6.     Events

22nd December Christmas event at Melville hall.  100 people, Steve Wells to promote and organise.

Tony Southgate talk on the cards.





7.     AOB

Confirm HW 50th year?





8.     Date of next meeting


23rd October, 20:00



Close of Meeting


Meeting closed at 21:29



Round 7 Results

Hi all, while we wait for our results page to be fixed.  Here’s a quick list of the results from Pallance Farm on Sunday

Driver Car Class Fastest
Steve Stotesbury Impreza 4 49.76
John Dutch Mini Special 5 51.13
Darren Taylor 323 5 51.16
Neil Glasbey DoN Golf 4 51.2
Steve Brett Mini 3 51.36
Ryan Munt Impreza 4 52.09
Wayne Hole Civic 1 52.13
Terry Steele Special 5 52.84
Toby Allen XR2 4 53.02
Matt Price XR2 4 53.26
Vicky Cox 205 4 53.34
Brian Robbins WWC 205 4 53.86
Dan Morgan WWC 4 54.73
Steve(DM) Glass Astra 5 55.87
Andy Williams Special 5 55.9
Marion Saunders Mini 3 56.37
Callum Steele MX3 5 56.55
Brad Cullen Swift 3 56.64
Linda Burt 323 4 56.96
Andy Lee Buggy 5 57.54
Chris Wilson NA Impreza 5 58.13
Zack Smith Capri 4 60.12
Jemma Western Civic 1 60.2
Kevin Richardson Mini 3 71.25

Round 7 this Sunday!!

Good evening members!

Just a reminder that were at a new venue to the Calendar – Little Palance Farm (no to be confused with palance farm round the corner) For round 7 this coming Sunday!

Little palance farm is in Northwood, easiest way to arrive there from Newport direction would be to take the left at Northwood garage towards Gurnard, follow the road round before taking another left down Pallance road toward the travellers Joy Inn. Once the row of houses ends after the Pub there is a concealed left hander to take putting you on Pallance Lane.


Little Palance Farm is then a few hundred yards down Pallance lane on the right hand side.

As always please try to use the online sign on @!

Hope to see you there.