A long awaited venue for many as it gave an opportunity to try out a new venue to the calendar kindly provided by Paul the owner. The track was laid out by Steve and Paul although looked a bit small to many on first viewing turned out to be a great little track with fast and slower bits in it, a good mix. The weather forecast was hot and sunny and was it hot indeed it was and it was needed as the grass field was wet and slippery for the first two runs but as the grass came off the surface and the sun dried it out the grip levels came up and the run times came down…

First to set the pace in RUN 1 was Darren Taylor known as the King of Knighton posting a time of 1:03:30 closely followed by Brad Cullen in a time of 1:03:64 and then John Dutch in a time of 1:03:84.

RUN 2.. Saw Steve Stotesbury in his 4WD Scooby getting a clean run without hitting any cones and posted a time of 54:52 followed by Darren Taylor on a 55:59 and then Neil Glasbey with a time of 55:73

RUN 3.. The track grip was now getting much better and the times were getting closer but Steve Stotesbury liked being on the top of the leader board and decided he was going to TRY and stay there if he could so set a time of 52:53 , Darren Taylor had the same idea but posted a time of 53:05 but he had to worry about Neil Glasbey who was only a 3 tenths behind him on a 53:33 who was followed by John Dutch on a 54:33

RUN 4.. Steve Stotesbury knew the chasing pack was only going to get closer as the day went on so posted a time of 49:76 and closer they got Neil Glasbey posted a time of 51:20 but Darren Taylor was getting a bit too close on a time of 51:87 , Steve Brett was not going to be left out of this chase and posted a time of 52:40

RUN 5.. Saw John Dutch winner of the last round finally getting on the pace and posting a time of 51:13 , he was chased hard by Steve Brett who wanted to let John know he was hard on his heels and posted a time of 51:36 , but now Ryan Munt said don’t forget me boy’s I am coming and posted a time of 52:09 just pushing Terry Steele into 4th place posting a time of 52:84

RUN 6.. THE final chance for everyone to get there fastest time and knock Steve off the top of the leader board, John knew this so he threw caution to wind and just went for it but over drove his mini and could not better his run 5 time of 51:13 this left John in 2nd overall at this point and wondering if he had blown it at the last minute and allowing the chasing pack to deny him a second place overall and chase they did, Darren Taylor posted his best time of 51:16 just three 100’s behind John, Followed by Neil Glasbey posting a time of 51:86

which was not an improvement on his run 4 time of 51:20 .

All a bit too close for Steve but his RUN 4 time of 49:76 was enough to give him the class WIN and overall WIN.

Congratulations to STEVE on a great drive and his win


1st Steve Stotesbury

2nd John Dutch

3rd Darren Taylor

4th Neil Glasbey

5th Steve Brett

Fastest LADIES of the Day

1st Vicky Cox

2nd Marion Saunders

3rd Linda Burt

4th Jemma Western

5th ………………..

class 1

1st Wayne Hole

2nd Jemma Western

class 2

1st …………

2nd ………….

class 3

1st Steve Brett

2nd Marion Saunders

3rd Kevin Richardson

4th ………………

class 4

1st Steve Stotesbury

2nd Neil Glasbey

3rd Ryan Munt

4th Toby Allen

5th Matt Price

class 5

1st John Dutch

2nd Darren Taylor

3rd Terry Steele

4th Steve Glass

5th Andy Williams

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