Round 7 this Sunday!!

Good evening members!

Just a reminder that were at a new venue to the Calendar – Little Palance Farm (no to be confused with palance farm round the corner) For round 7 this coming Sunday!

Little palance farm is in Northwood, easiest way to arrive there from Newport direction would be to take the left at Northwood garage towards Gurnard, follow the road round before taking another left down Pallance road toward the travellers Joy Inn. Once the row of houses ends after the Pub there is a concealed left hander to take putting you on Pallance Lane.


Little Palance Farm is then a few hundred yards down Pallance lane on the right hand side.

As always please try to use the online sign on @!

Hope to see you there.


3 thoughts on “Round 7 this Sunday!!

    1. Hi Marion

      Not just you, all of us I’m afraid. The results part of the site is broken. It will be back ASAP.



      1. see on evocars that results have been uploaded I still cant get the results there still a problem.Also iIam not receiving any emails so dont know if you have my email address.Cheers.

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