Ryan Munt Take IOWCC Unsealed Surface Championship Title

 The track although looking a bit small to many on first viewing , turned out to be a great little track with fast and slower sections in it, a good mix. The weather forecast was hot and sunny and it was needed as the grass field was wet and slippery for the first two runs but as the grass came off the surface and the sun dried it out the grip levels came up and the run times came down…

  RUN 1... First to set the pace was John Dutch posting a time of 66:24 seconds closely followed by Wayne Hole with a time of 68:53 seconds and then Steve Brett with a time of 69:60 seconds , Darren Taylor with a 70:37 seconds , Danny Grist with a 70:52 seconds .

RUN 2..  Saw Andy Williams posting a blistering time of 60:94 seconds followed by Danny Grist on a 62:37 sec , then Wayne Hole with a time of 64:95 seconds , Darren Taylor with a 65:70 seconds , James Robbins with a 66:00 seconds .

RUN 3.. The track grip was now getting much better and the times were coming down fast and getting closer with Darren Taylor and Dan Morgan setting a new equal joint fastest time of 57:01 seconds with John Dutch close behind on a 58:17 seconds then Brian Robbins with a 58:50 seconds , Steve Brett with a 58:63 seconds

RUN 4..  Saw Ryan Munt come from nowhere to set a new fastest time of 53:83 seconds in his 4WD Subaru, followed by James Robbins with a 55:14 seconds , then  Andy Williams with a 55:32 , then Dan Morgan with a 55:38 seconds , then Chris Wilson with a 55:54 seconds..

RUN 5..  Saw Ryan Munt set a new fastest time that looked like a time that no one else would be able to get close to as the following five drivers were all getting in the 54 seconds band , Darren Taylor 54:27 sec , James Robbins 54:42 sec , Chris Wilson 54:64 sec , John Dutch 54:82 sec , Wayne Hole 54:91 seconds.

RUN 6.. THE final chance for everyone to get there fastest time and knock Ryan off the top of the leader board, Chris Wilson got close with a 53:55 sec , Darren Taylor with a 54:23 sec , Wayne Hole 54:46 sec , Brian Robbins 54:65 sec , John Dutch 54:71 seconds..

Congratulations to Ryan on a great drive and his win


1st  Ryan Munt

2nd  Chris Wilson

3rd  Darren Taylor

4th James Robbins

5th  Wayne Hole

Fastest LADIES of the Day

1st Vicky Cox

2nd Linda Burt

3rd   Marion Saunders

4th Jemma Western

5th  Jill Williams

class 1

 no entries this time

class  2

1st  Dean Long

2nd  Steve Stotesbury

3rd  Daryl Turner

class 3

1st  Wayne Hole

2nd  Steve Brett

3rd   Kevin Richardson

4th  Marion Saunders

5th  Jemma Western

class 4

1st  Ryan Munt

2nd  James Robbins

3rd  Brian Robbins

4th  Dan Morgan

5th  Danny Grist

class 5

1st  Chris Wilson

2nd  Darren Taylor

3rd  John  Dutch

4th  Andy Williams

5th  Jill Williams

Write-up by John Dutch                               Picture by Allan Marsh

2 thoughts on “ROUND 11 USS 6-10-2013 PALLANCE FARM

  1. A big thank you for everyone’s hard work in making these car club events happen. We have found a very friendly and welcoming group of people and have thoroughly enjoyed the three events we have done so far.
    Perhaps it might be nice to include day members’ run times in the event write ups to reflect more accurately how people have got on?

    Kind regards,
    Chris Bloomfield

    1. Chris, glad your having a good time – the buggy is proving to be a real asset! ref the write ups – its a fair point; we have passed your feedback on to the editor.

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