IOWCC 2013 Starts Here!!

Good Evening Motorsport fans and on behalf of your committee happy new year to you all!

Hoping you have enjoyed the break over winter to relax, earn brownie points with the better halves and most importantly attend to the needs of you motorcars to ensure they are tip top for the upcoming 2013 season!

The Calendar!

First up the initial view of how our season looks!

         Round 1 SS – 3rd March Ventnor Botanical Gardens

         AGM –  5thApril TBC

         Round 2 SS – 7th April College

         Round 3 USS – 28th April Knighton

         Round 4 SS – 8th June (Sat) St Georges

         Round 5 – 23rd June USS TBC

         Round 6  SS- 7th July BAE

         Round 7 USS – 21st July Knighton

         Round 8 – USS Sunday 11th August Northwood Showground*

         Round 9 SS – 1st September College

         Round 10 USS – 15th September Atherfield

         Round 11 – 6th October USS TBC

         Round 12 – 20TH October USS TBC

         Round 13 & 14 SS – 9/10thNovember BAE/College Healeys  50thAnniversary


*Due to the Success and support of the Event held at the showground last year we are going to run it once again on the Saturday 10th of August with a view for even more going on, this will include commercial stands, involvement of many other motor clubs from around the island, a beer tent, camping on the Saturday night and a championship counting Auto test on Sunday, if any members have any suggestions they wish to put forward please talk to Andy Williams.

You will note 2 extra rounds from previous years! To encourage stiff competition drivers competing at all 14 rounds will drop their 2 slowest SS & USS events.

The AGM has been pencilled in and further details will be issued out ASAP!


Membership is staying the same once again, £25 for a full season subscription, £8 day membership and a £12 event fee on the day or £10 in advance! You can pay your membership online on the website, or by cheque posted to the address on the attached form. Please try to do this prior to round 1 so we can concentrate on the running of the event!


Can those of you who were fortunate enough to win a Class or Special Trophy in the 2011 season I’m afraid it’s time to say goodbye to it! Please contact Steve Stoesbury to arrange its return by the 10th of February. Steve’s Number is 07855 877282.

Fancy a place on your clubs committee?

It’s that time of year where the committee gets re elected, if you fancy a place on the committee please let me know so you can be considered!


Clarity on Seatbelts.

There were a few people running without seatbelts to their cars at the back end of last year, for clarity All drivers are to wear at minimum a 3 point belt unless they are driving in a standard class a vehicle that came from factory without a belt – this is the only exception to this rule.

Many thanks and hope to see you all at round 1!




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