Conclusion to the 2012 Unsealed Surface Calendar!

John Dutch becomes the 2012 Isle of Wight car club

unsealed surface Champion 

At the final round of the USS Championship held at Knighton sand pit on the  28/10/2012  John Dutch faced a strong challenge as it was close on points between him and Neil Glasbey, Darren Taylor and Steve Brett who also had one hand on the trophy but needed John to come lower than 5th place or have his car break down in this last round, but even though John was having a bad day he managed to get 4th place overall on the day which put him one point ahead of Neil Glasbey to win the title..

Although John in his DutchSpeed prepared mini only managed a fourth place in this final round he had collected enough points to Win Class 5 and also the overall (unsealed surface) championship title in his first full season competing in the IOW Car Club..

The Final overall USS Championship Positions were as follows


1st John Dutch on 242 points

2nd Neil Glasbey on 241 points

3rd Darren Taylor on 239 points

4th Steve Brett on232 points

5th Toby Allen on 218 points

The Final overall USS Class Positions

Class 1

1st Wayne Hole on 250 points

2nd Jemma Western on 244 points

3rd Neil Hole on 49 points

Class 2

1st Dean Long on 150 points

Class 3

1st Steve Brett on 250 points

2nd Marion Saunders on 243

3rd Kevin Richardson on 194

4th Brad Cullen on 96 points

5th Mike Townsend on 47 points

Class 4

1st Neil Glasbey on 247 points

2nd Toby Allen on 239 points

3rd Matt Price on 227 points

4th Vicky Cox on 217 points

5th Linda Burt on213 points

Class 5

1st John Dutch on 247 points

2nd Darren Taylor on 246 points

3rd Andy Williams on 239

4th Terry Steele on 237

5th Andy Lee on 175 points

Ladies Class

1st Vicky Cox on 185 points

2nd Marion Saunders on 165 points

3rd Linda Burt on 164 points

4th Jemma Western on 130 points

More details can be found on 


Pictures by Allan Marsh


Write up by John Dutch







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