26/6/12 IOWCC Meeting

Here: DM, AW, PW, DG, JD, SS, RW, MS, BR, DW

  1. 1.       Apologies



  1. 2.       Approval of last mins

BR has solar info for GB
Hospice cheque to be sent directly to hospice

  1. 3.       Membership report


  1. 4.       Treasurers report

MIA but current account @ £6380.40 and business premium @ £2560.50

  1. 5.       Venues

RW spoken to Bembridge airport re: an event.  Possibility for an evening or weekday event of some sort.  RW to continue discussion with the land holders.

AW spoken to county show ground, possibility pending a discussion with their committee.

        RW to confirm Nunwell field

  1. 6.       The John Dutch show J
    1. Invite membership to write event reports
    2. Marshall briefing to be improved to ensure marshals are confident and clear.  Help and advice to be given to any people new to marshaling systems or requesting assistance.
    3. SS to collect class 3 trophy for presentation to Dave Dutch at next event.
    4. Clarified that evocars forum is not an official iowcc website / discussion board.
  2. 7.       Linda Burt website comment
    Comments well received, PW to deliver our replies


  1. 8.       AOB
    A larger window for broken cars, now have a 2 run window
    Late sign on still available
    Make a note on event trailer of current run number that’s happeningMeeting closes @ 22:15

    Next meeting Wednesday 17th July

New Marshalling System

Marshalling is imperative to events, therefore we are trying a new marshalling system to try and distribute the duties on the day as fairly as possible.

New marshalling system
The committee have voted to implement the trial of  a new method of marshalling  our events. This is as a direct response to a low number of individuals, carrying out the majority of the work at our autotests, despite repeated requests for assistance. It is hoped that the new method will improve the running of the day, will spread the work load evenly and fairly.

There will be 6 marshalling teams comprising 4 individuals, 1 of whom will be the team leader and a member of the committee. The team leader will act as start marshal and will station the other 3 individuals at the designated course marshalling points. Consequently there will be a requirement for 24 marshals at most events, 18 of who will be chosen using a random selection process. A committee member will be allocated in advance as team leader to one of the 6 teams. The teams will be lettered and thus there will be 6 teams comprising of A,B,C,D,E & F. Letters will be written onto 18 wrist bands to denote the team which that individual will marshal with. Thus, there will be 3 wrist bands with the letter A on them, 3 with the letter B and so on. The rest will be left blank. The wrist bands will be drawn from a bag during the walk round in the normal fashion. Thus if you pull out a wrist band with the letter ‘A’ on it, you marshal with team A. If you pull out a blank, then there is no requirement to marshal. Although, should you wish to this can be arranged.

The Event
At the beginning of the event, the team leader and the marshals of group A will assemble and the team leader will position the marshals. The normal method of marshalling remains unchanged and competitive runs begin. All competitors must complete their first runs before second runs begin. Thus all the members of teams B,C,D,E & F will complete their first competitive run.  At this point the marshals of team A will be relieved by team B. The second competitive run will then commence  for all ( except B who are marshalling) with               the marshals from team A having the opportunity to do both first and second runs. With everyone having completed their second runs, team C will then relieve team B. The third competitive run will then commence (except team C who are marshalling) with the marshals from team B having the opportunity to do their second and third runs.
The pattern will continue throughout the day until the final run. At this point during the time that team E are marshalling, Team F will complete their 6th and final run ahead of their marshalling duties.  After you have marshalled your obligation is complete, which broadly speaking means that your marshalling duties will have occupied approximately 45 minutes (this may be more, if there are stoppages). The main change to the competitors is that everyone will have to complete each of their runs consecutively.

  • The requirement to marshal is absolute.
  • It is your own responsibility to be ready at race control for the Marshall switch over between runs. We suggest that if for example you are in team C you are one of the first 2 complete your 2nd run so you are ready with plenty of time to releave the marshals once the last person completes their run.
  • If you do not marshal or provide a replacement, you will be disqualified from the event and any remaining runs withdrawn.
  • It may be that you are car sharing, In the event that you find that you and your team mate are drawn on the same team, it may be sensible to find someone on another team to swap with.

The main difference you will find is that in order to complete all 6 runs, you will have to commit to being at the event for its duration. This may be inconvenient, however this is common to the majority of motorsport disciplines and has been cited as the only tangible drawback to some competitors. Consequently, on the balance of this inconvenience to a small few, the decision has been taken to implement the above measures for the greater benefit of the majority.
We appreciate your continued support of the club and your cooperation in this trial.
Any feedback after the event will be greatly welcomed.
With thanks from the committee