New Marshalling System

Marshalling is imperative to events, therefore we are trying a new marshalling system to try and distribute the duties on the day as fairly as possible.

New marshalling system
The committee have voted to implement the trial of  a new method of marshalling  our events. This is as a direct response to a low number of individuals, carrying out the majority of the work at our autotests, despite repeated requests for assistance. It is hoped that the new method will improve the running of the day, will spread the work load evenly and fairly.

There will be 6 marshalling teams comprising 4 individuals, 1 of whom will be the team leader and a member of the committee. The team leader will act as start marshal and will station the other 3 individuals at the designated course marshalling points.¬†Consequently there will be a requirement for 24 marshals at most events, 18 of who will be chosen using a random selection process.¬†A committee member will be allocated in advance as team leader to one of the 6 teams.¬†The teams will be lettered and thus there will be 6 teams comprising of A,B,C,D,E & F.¬†Letters will be written onto 18 wrist bands to denote the team which that individual will marshal with. Thus, there will be 3 wrist bands with the letter A on them, 3 with the letter B and so on.¬†The rest will be left blank.¬†The wrist bands will be drawn from a bag during the walk round in the normal fashion.¬†Thus if you pull out a wrist band with the letter ‚ÄėA‚Äô on it, you marshal with team A. If you pull out a blank, then there is no requirement to marshal. Although, should you wish to this can be arranged.

The Event
At the beginning of the event, the team leader and the marshals of group A will assemble and the team leader will position the marshals. The normal method of marshalling remains unchanged and competitive runs begin. All competitors must complete their first runs before second runs begin. Thus all the members of teams B,C,D,E & F will complete their first competitive run.  At this point the marshals of team A will be relieved by team B. The second competitive run will then commence  for all ( except B who are marshalling) with               the marshals from team A having the opportunity to do both first and second runs. With everyone having completed their second runs, team C will then relieve team B. The third competitive run will then commence (except team C who are marshalling) with the marshals from team B having the opportunity to do their second and third runs.
The pattern will continue throughout the day until the final run. At this point during the time that team E are marshalling, Team F will complete their 6th and final run ahead of their marshalling duties.  After you have marshalled your obligation is complete, which broadly speaking means that your marshalling duties will have occupied approximately 45 minutes (this may be more, if there are stoppages). The main change to the competitors is that everyone will have to complete each of their runs consecutively.

  • The requirement to marshal is absolute.
  • It is your own responsibility to be ready at race control for the¬†Marshall¬†switch over between runs. We suggest¬†that if for example you are in team C you are one of the first 2 complete your 2nd run so you are ready with¬†plenty¬†of time to releave the¬†marshals¬†once the last person completes¬†their¬†run.
  • If you do not marshal or provide a replacement, you will be disqualified from the event and any remaining runs withdrawn.
  • It may be that you are car sharing,¬†In the event that you find that you and your team mate are drawn on the same team, it may be sensible to find someone on another team to swap with.

The main difference you will find is that in order to complete all 6 runs, you will have to commit to being at the event for its duration. This may be inconvenient, however this is common to the majority of motorsport disciplines and has been cited as the only tangible drawback to some competitors. Consequently, on the balance of this inconvenience to a small few, the decision has been taken to implement the above measures for the greater benefit of the majority.
We appreciate your continued support of the club and your cooperation in this trial.
Any feedback after the event will be greatly welcomed.
With thanks from the committee


Marshall training evening.

With the clock ticking to the start of the season we have arranged a social event at the Camp hill Prison club on Wednesday 21st March at 8pm. This will be a great opportunity to catch up with your fellow competitors and refresh your minds on what your club needs from you when its your turn to Marshall! Safety at our events is imperative and we feel everyone would benefit from a quick reminder of all the simple things that help run our events as smoothly and safely as possible. If you can, please pop in for a quick pint, sign on and say hi!

Advanced Sign on

We would like to urge as many of our members as possible from the past season wishing to renew their membership for 2012 to do so online through the clubs website. Everyone wishing to compete at the first event will need to be a registered season or day member before we can get going. Therefore the more people who do this in advance the sooner we can start, giving you all as much driving time as possible. If you can’t sign on online, you will be able to at the Marshall training evening mentioned above.

Reg’s Update

There have been some questions relating to the class regulations we issued on the last email round. Effective from Round 1 the now amended Reg’s are available to see on the clubs website. –¬†

Fantasy F1

Hi everybody

For all the F1 fans in the club we’re running a league on this site:¬†

Sign up and register an account (all free) and then join your team into the Isle of Wight Car Club league.  The league is open to all and has no password.  You have a few days now till the season starts but you can enter after the 1st race should you miss the deadline.



The 2012 Season is almost upon us! – AGM and Awards evening

The Event Calender is now available to be seen on the Clubs website, .

AGM & Awards Evening

On Saturday the 3rd of March the IOWCC welcomes its members to the Quay Arts centre for its annual general meeting and 2011 season awards evening. As ever the fastest chef on the island will be serving up a cracking 2 course meal. The club will cover half the bill meaning we just need a menu choice and £6 from you by the 17 of February to participate! Doors will open at 7pm with food served for 7:30.

The Menu for the evening can be found here Payment via Paypal is available, once paid please email name & menu choices to For cash payments please contact Matt Price on 07894050791 or Toby Allen, please note you cannot pay on the evening.

There will be awards for last years season handed out after the meal. Regrettably this does mean if you were fortunate enough to win a trophy last season its time to give it a polish and return to Steve Stotesbury. You can arrange delivery direct with Steve on 07855877282. Alternatively Jai Nolan has kindly offered to be a drop off point for trophy’s at the Gun shop in Newport.

Finally there will be the AGM, its at this point the 2012 committee will be voted in and is your opportunity to voice any thoughts you have over the coming season. Anyone who can, should attend!

Marshall Training

8pm Wednesday the 21st of March at Camphill Prison club in Newport will host a refresher to Marshalling at events. We implore you to come to this. Whilst we have some well seasoned Marshall‚Äôs in our midst the efficiency and understanding of the job is key to not only the safety at events, but also fair scoring and number of runs you get in at each event! Additionally there happens to be a bar selling drinks there so you’d be a fool not to come.


Membership forms for the 2012 season can be downloaded from the clubs website here . Membership and event prices have been frozen so remain exactly the same as last season. The agm and Marshall training evenings will be an ideal opportunity to settle up for the year. Alternatively you can pay online through Paypal at and post the printed and signed application to the address at the bottom of the form. Members shall default to their race number from the previous season.

A breakdown of dates for your diaries

Saturday 3rd March AGM & Awards evening
Wednesday 21st March Marshall training Camphill Prison officer’s club

Round 1 SS Sunday 8th April College
Round 2 USS Sunday13th May Knighton
Round 3 SS Saturday 16th June St Georges Football club
Round 4 USS Sunday1st July Atherfield
Round 5 SS 22ndJuly BAE
12th August PCT / Social Event
Round 6 USS 19th August Atherfield
Round 7 USS 9th September Pallance Farm
Round 8 SS 23rd September Venue TBC
Round 9 USS 14th October Nunwell
Round 10 USS 28th October Knighton
Round 11 SS 10th November HW BAE
Round 12 SS 11th November HW College
Friday 7th December Season ending party / Awards night / Christmas do

As ever these date can change so always keep an eye on the clubs website or face book page for changes!

New Regulations

Safety at events is imperative, your committee has therefore deemed it necessary to enforce some new reg’s for the up coming season.

Cars in all classes

To be fitted with bodywork including a driver compartment isolated from the engine, fluid filled batteries, gearbox, hydraulic reservoirs, transmission shafts, chains, belts and gears, brakes,
wheels, suspension components including their operating linkages and attachments, petrol/fuel tanks, oil tanks, water header tanks, catch tanks and fuel system components. Vehicles to be fitted with a bonnet covering the engine and all its’ major components.

If batteries have been moved into the drivers compartment and there is no bulkhead to separate the driver area from the battery, a battery box must be used.

Where a radiator is not isolated from the driver a suitable deflector is to be fitted to prevent fluid directly coming into contact with the vehicle’s occupants

Have positive fastenings for all doors and all hinged or detachable parts of the bodywork.

Classes 1-4 only (not class 5)

A) Body shape must conform to the original silhouette of the vehicle and retain the original layout of engine and transmission.
B) Any areas of window, opening or transparent material originally specified as part of the vehicle to provide Driver visibility must remain consistent with he original specified dimensions and position.
C) If originally fitted with driver/passenger doors, hatchback doors, sliding doors, opening boots or tailgates, these must be secured in the closed position during events.

For clarity, Points A,B & C must be adhered to for classes 1-4, if you fall outside of this you will compete in class 5.

Finally all cars must be silenced and reasonable measures should be undertaken to keep cars quiet. At the discretion of officials cars may be excluded due to excessive noise.

Charity Selection

You may or may not be aware every time you pay for an event on the day, £1 goes into a pot for the clubs chosen charity. In recent year this has been the IOW hospice and the club shall be proud to present a cheque to the hospice early later in the year. We are considering changing the charity for this collection so if any members have any recommendations please let us know!

All the best and hope to see you all on the 3rd March!

USS Knighton Sandpit Round 2

Good evening fellow car clubbers.

Just to make you all aware, Steven Wells has reluctantly stepped down as Membership Secretary due to work commitments and therefore I have taken his role. I’m sure everyone would agree that Steve has put a massive influence into the club and would like to thank him for his hard work over the years. This does not mean he is gone for good but is still a proud member and hopefully competing with us this Sunday.

Looking ahead to this weekend, we will be holding the first Unsealed Surface Autotest at what is pretty much everyone‚Äôs favorite venue ‚Äď Knighton Sandpit. The event kicks off on Sunday at the usual time of 10am sharp, but you need to sign on in from 9am-9.30am. The safety briefing and track walk will be held at 9.35am before the first car is let loose.

You can sign-on in advance from the club website and pay via Paypal which will help the smooth running of the event on the day. I strongly advise most members if possible to sign-on in advance as this really helps makes the event to run on time.

Just to make you all aware, if you have friends or family coming to take part on a DAY MEMBERSHIP this Sunday, they must show their driving License as part of sign-on admission. Failure to do so will result in declined membership. This is for DAY MEMBERS and people wanting to join as a FULL member.

Lets hope for good weather for the Sandpit and look forward to seeing you all there.

See you Sunday


Matthew Price
Membership Secretary
Isle of Wight Car Club LTD