26/6/12 IOWCC Meeting

Here: DM, AW, PW, DG, JD, SS, RW, MS, BR, DW

  1. 1.       Apologies



  1. 2.       Approval of last mins

BR has solar info for GB
Hospice cheque to be sent directly to hospice

  1. 3.       Membership report


  1. 4.       Treasurers report

MIA but current account @ £6380.40 and business premium @ £2560.50

  1. 5.       Venues

RW spoken to Bembridge airport re: an event.  Possibility for an evening or weekday event of some sort.  RW to continue discussion with the land holders.

AW spoken to county show ground, possibility pending a discussion with their committee.

        RW to confirm Nunwell field

  1. 6.       The John Dutch show J
    1. Invite membership to write event reports
    2. Marshall briefing to be improved to ensure marshals are confident and clear.  Help and advice to be given to any people new to marshaling systems or requesting assistance.
    3. SS to collect class 3 trophy for presentation to Dave Dutch at next event.
    4. Clarified that evocars forum is not an official iowcc website / discussion board.
  2. 7.       Linda Burt website comment
    Comments well received, PW to deliver our replies


  1. 8.       AOB
    A larger window for broken cars, now have a 2 run window
    Late sign on still available
    Make a note on event trailer of current run number that’s happeningMeeting closes @ 22:15

    Next meeting Wednesday 17th July

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