FDMC Dimanche Sprint – 15th April

Last year a few IOWCC members competed in the Dimanche sprint, held at Rushmoor Arena near Aldershot, ran by the Farnborough District Motor Club. They all had an excellent time and I know there are a few members who will be going up again this year!

The event is on Sunday the 15th of April, and is open to any fully registered IOWCC member.

The Reg’s and Entry form is available to download here – ftp://ftp0.bull.co.uk/incoming/sentry/tesco/CISCO%20SIMON/DimancheSprintRegs2012.pdf

To see what its all about there is also an event report from last year here-


There are a few requirements to compete in a sprint, in brief these are:

  • MSA National B non Race Licence (£50)
  • FIA approved Helmet, gloves and Overalls
  • IOWCC Membership
  • Road legal and insured car

If you are interested and wish to find out more please contact us or FDMC.

If you want to be in on the action but can’t compete unfortunately this is a non spectator event, therefore the best thing to do is to offer your services as a Marshall, to do so please contact the lady below.

Sarah Trigwell

Telephone: 07799 886632

E-mail: farnborough2@aol.com

Hope to see some of you there!


Marshall training evening.

With the clock ticking to the start of the season we have arranged a social event at the Camp hill Prison club on Wednesday 21st March at 8pm. This will be a great opportunity to catch up with your fellow competitors and refresh your minds on what your club needs from you when its your turn to Marshall! Safety at our events is imperative and we feel everyone would benefit from a quick reminder of all the simple things that help run our events as smoothly and safely as possible. If you can, please pop in for a quick pint, sign on and say hi!

Advanced Sign on

We would like to urge as many of our members as possible from the past season wishing to renew their membership for 2012 to do so online through the clubs website. Everyone wishing to compete at the first event will need to be a registered season or day member before we can get going. Therefore the more people who do this in advance the sooner we can start, giving you all as much driving time as possible. If you can’t sign on online, you will be able to at the Marshall training evening mentioned above.

Reg’s Update

There have been some questions relating to the class regulations we issued on the last email round. Effective from Round 1 the now amended Reg’s are available to see on the clubs website. – http://iowcc.co.uk/regulations/regulations-2/

IOWCC Meeting 13/3/12


Here: DM, MS, AW, SS, GB, TA, MP, BR, PR, RW, DW
1. Apologies



2. Approval of minutes
3. Treasurers Report
4. Membership Sec. Report
50 people for AGM meal = £300

16 full members so far.

Ensure big push for members to sign up before 1st event or very early on the day.


5. Venues
IOW College all fine for 3 events

Knighton all fine

AW to get football club

AW to investigate new Westlands car park after August

RW to re approach Sydenhams


6. CO-OP Members

Danny Grist – Come on Down

John Dutch – Come on Down

AW proposes, RW 2nds, all agree.


7. Rule Changes
No questions from the membership.  Discussed tidying up the rules, TA to mail out clearer versions.

8. Committee Titles

MS – Chairman / Comp. Sec

DM – Sec / Time keeper / Website

PR – Tres / Vice Chair

AW – Social Sec

GB – Dept . Social Sec

MP – Membership Sec

TA – Dept. Membership Sec / Press and PR

SS – Awards Sec

DW – Dept. Awards Sec

BR – Scruit

SS – Chief Marshall

PW – Dept. Marshall

RW – Safety officer


RW proposes, SS 2nds, all agree



9. Matters Arising



10. AOB
DM to mail AW permits forms and copy of insurance (from MSA website)

DM to get scruit sheets

Quay arts is this year’s chosen charity

Need to catalogue trophies and discuss at next event

Marshall training good to go.  SS has it under control.  TA to mail membership advertising evening as a social event

Christmas do WPM for awards night

April to April for membership

Any iow / evocars trackdays to be advertised to membership

RW to investigate bembridge airport


Meeting closes @ 10:20


Next meeting at Tuesday 10th April @ Camp Hill @ 20:00

Fantasy F1

Hi everybody

For all the F1 fans in the club we’re running a league on this site: 

Sign up and register an account (all free) and then join your team into the Isle of Wight Car Club league.  The league is open to all and has no password.  You have a few days now till the season starts but you can enter after the 1st race should you miss the deadline.



AGM 3rd March 2012

AGM 3/3/12

Here – dan m, malc, andy, phil, paul, steve, toby, brian, rich, gordon, matt

Not here – dan w

Pre meeting:
RT & RF stepping down.
Discussed potential rule problems, suggestion is for members to write to committee for clarification on any points.
Proposed and 2nd each other on block.
Committee titles to be decided at next meeting.
We need to be tighter on finances, receipts etc to make book balancing easier for Phil.
SS asks about using some of our trophies from “the vault”.
14th March for next meeting, Brian to arrange.

Malc – Thanks all for attending, thanks committee, thanks officers, thanks Marty and The Quay, invites membership to join committee as co-op members

Phil – Annual treasures report, hands out copies of accounts and explains them.

Malc – Proposes, DG, RW 2nd.  Accounts signed off

Dan – Brief season review.

Malc – 3 Officers – MS, PR, DM.  Remain the same, no complaints.  9 committee members remain, RT & RF stepped down.  Nobody else volunteers for co-op.  TW proposes the officers, MD 2nds.  TW proposes the committee, TC 2nds.  All voted in.

Malc – People need to pay for AGM meal.  Membership and event fees remain the same.  Membership is asked to suggest a charity who the club can support for 2012.

21st March = Marshall training @ Camp Hill

8th April = 1st 2012 event @ College

Questions from the floor:
Christmas doo / awards idea is liked
Questions about rule changes, agreed that blue book can be read online and any further questions will be mailed to committee.

Meeting closes