AGM 3rd March 2012

AGM 3/3/12

Here – dan m, malc, andy, phil, paul, steve, toby, brian, rich, gordon, matt

Not here – dan w

Pre meeting:
RT & RF stepping down.
Discussed potential rule problems, suggestion is for members to write to committee for clarification on any points.
Proposed and 2nd each other on block.
Committee titles to be decided at next meeting.
We need to be tighter on finances, receipts etc to make book balancing easier for Phil.
SS asks about using some of our trophies from “the vault”.
14th March for next meeting, Brian to arrange.

Malc – Thanks all for attending, thanks committee, thanks officers, thanks Marty and The Quay, invites membership to join committee as co-op members

Phil – Annual treasures report, hands out copies of accounts and explains them.

Malc – Proposes, DG, RW 2nd.  Accounts signed off

Dan – Brief season review.

Malc – 3 Officers – MS, PR, DM.  Remain the same, no complaints.  9 committee members remain, RT & RF stepped down.  Nobody else volunteers for co-op.  TW proposes the officers, MD 2nds.  TW proposes the committee, TC 2nds.  All voted in.

Malc – People need to pay for AGM meal.  Membership and event fees remain the same.  Membership is asked to suggest a charity who the club can support for 2012.

21st March = Marshall training @ Camp Hill

8th April = 1st 2012 event @ College

Questions from the floor:
Christmas doo / awards idea is liked
Questions about rule changes, agreed that blue book can be read online and any further questions will be mailed to committee.

Meeting closes

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