Dimanche Sprint

The Dimanche Sprint is a speed event being organised by Farnborough and District Motor Club (FDMC).

Speed events are nicely summarised on the FDMC website here.

The IOWCC are invited members to this event and due to our affiliation to the ACSMC it id not necessary to join FDMC as you can compete on your IOWCC license and several IOWCC members have entered and will be competing.

There are various things you need to know about sprint events, but one of the most interesting and relevant of these is the fact that standard production cars are normally eligible and thus lightly modified cars are permitted to compete without the necessity to be fully RAC MSA logbooked competition vehicles.

The  regs for this event are available, but with one week to go you need to be double quick on sorting out your speed license from the MSA if you don’t already have one.

Entries are still available however.

Standard production cars are often elgible for speed events

Reading and understanding the relevant sections of the MSA blue book including
Section S on Speed Events and also the relevant pages regarding vehicle eligibility and vehicle safety is advised.

Also, check out the various lists of eligible tyres.

You can submit your license application here, which is a straight forward process involving no test. The MSA will normally process your application and issue your license within a fortnight, often within a week

There are a great many sprints and some hill climbs that take place in the south of england and now that we are coming into the better weather the season is getting underway.

Now is a perfect opportunity for anyone keen to get savvy, get equipped and get competing!

If anyone has any questions please reply to this news item with them and I will do my best to answer them!


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