Round 3 Westridge Report

We Had a Blazing Hot Autotest at Westridge – You Should Join Us Next Time!

Results are in, and wow, what a scorcher! The Isle of Wight Car Club autotest at Westridge car park was a scorcher (in a good way!), with glorious sunshine setting the scene for an epic day of precision driving and fierce competition.

A Challenging Course for All

Huge props to James Robbins, our Clerk of the Course, for building a course that truly tested our skills. It was tight and demanding, but it also offered a good variety to keep us all on our toes, even with a few “Wrong Tests” (WTs) thrown in for some extra excitement! The positive feedback from everyone is a testament to James’s talent in creating a course that was both challenging and fun.

Welcome New Faces!

We at the Isle of Wight Car Club were especially thrilled to welcome several new members and first-timers to this event.It’s fantastic to see the club attracting fresh faces and getting more people hooked on autotesting!

Inclusive Spirit Reigns Supreme!

This event perfectly captured the essence of the Isle of Wight Car Club – inclusivity! Experienced members were there for everyone, lending a helping hand with advice, guidance, and even passenger navigation to keep everyone on track. This supportive atmosphere ensures that anyone, regardless of experience, can participate, learn, improve, and most importantly, have a blast!

Family Fun for Everyone

The IOWCC truly proved to be a family affair! Partners, parents, and kids were all part of the excitement, with some youngsters even getting their first taste of marshalling and learning the ropes of the sport. This is a fantastic way to introduce the next generation to the world of autotesting and create lasting memories.

A Big Thank You to Our Amazing Team!

Speaking of marshals, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who helps run these events, especially our marshals. Their dedication and hard work are the backbone of any successful autotest, and the smooth running of the day wouldn’t be possible without their tireless efforts.

Class Champions Take the Podium!

Now, let’s get to the exciting part – the winners! Congratulations to all the class champions:

  • Class 1: Steven Phillips (Ford KA)
  • Class 2: Wayne Hole (Mazda MX5)
  • Class 3: Dave Goodwin (Austin Mini)
  • Class 4: Dean Long (Mazda MX5)
  • Class 5: Martin Goddard (Special)

Youth and Experience Shine

A special shoutout to Brogan McCullough (Seat Arosa) for claiming the “Best Junior” title, proving the future of autotesting is bright! Cathy True (Suzuki Ignis Sport) also impressed everyone with the fastest time in the “Fastest Lady” category.

Overall Podium Triumphs!

The battle for the overall win was nothing short of exhilarating! Ultimately, the top three spots were secured by:

  • 1st Place: Wayne Hole (Mazda MX5)
  • 2nd Place: Dave Goodwin (Austin Mini)
  • 3rd Place: Dean Long (Mazda MX5)

Congratulations to all the winners and participants who put on a fantastic show!

Want to See More? Join Us Next Time!

For a complete breakdown of the results, head over to the official Isle of Wight Car Club website:

The excitement doesn’t stop here! The Isle of Wight Car Club is already gearing up for their next autotest event happening on Saturday, June 30th at Palmers Farm in Wootton. Keep an eye on our social media channels for further information. We’d love to see you there and welcome you to the fun and supportive world of autotesting!