Round 1 report

The first round of the IOWCC sealed surface Autotest calendar was held at BAE car park in Cowes.

This popular venue and is great for spectators even though it was very cold.

Robbie cooper took the reins as Clerk of the course, this role includes many duties, including designing and setting the course. The course robbie design of the course was set out to challenge our drivers with 360s a chicane and much more.

Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc – Jamie duff in the Citroen c2 started the day off with a time of 75.15 and by the end of the day came 1st in this class with an impressive 69.91.

Class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc –  Wayne Hole in his Mazda mx5 took 1st place in his class and 3rd place over all.

Class 3 is for modified cars under 1400cc –Steve staff in his Nissan mirca took first place in class with a 66.4.

Class 4 is for modified cars over 1400cc-John cooper in his Audi tts came first in his class with a time of 64.51,he also came 2rd overall. We look forward to seeing him at the sprint in this impressive car.

Fastest youth of the day was Kara duff one of our new members for 2024. In the Citroen c2 with her best time being 75.08.
Club members can drive as young as 14 years old

Class 5 is for heavily modified cars, limited production cars and specials such as Martin Goddard’s single seater special. Ryan munt in his locost took 1st in this class and 1st overall. With an impressive 61.63.

Fastest lady of the day was Courtney Mullen in the Ford puma with an amazing time of 68.95.

Well done to everyone who won.
We would like you to thank everyone who helped on Sunday with setting up and packing away.

As always thank you to pro-tek for sponsoring the podium and to our new sponsor’s which the will be another write-up on and what benefits are open to the club members

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