Round 9 Report

Round 10 of the isle of Wight Car Club calendar was based at Knighton Sand Pit, however due to heavy rain days before the event, the course looked more like a mud bath than a sand pit.
Not put off by a little mud, 12 competitors enjoyed a great day of club motorsport, threading their way through traffic cones, piles of rocks, and quarry excavators.
In round 1 Josh Finish posted the fastest time, however for the rest of the day struggled to stay at the sharp end of the leader board. Jon Barrett took advantage of the all wheel drive in his Subaru Impreza and was the fastest driver in round 2, but the Steve Brett in his light and nimble classic mini was the fastest drive in round 3. This was proving to be an entertaining mix of cars and drivers battling for the top spot.
In the class battle, Steve Glass was pushing his MGZR hard to keep up with Hannah Thompson and Ricky Sheppard in their shared Renault Clio. Ricky took the class win and Hannah was crowned the fastest lady of the day.
In class 2 Barry Richardson showed his son Kevin how it’s done by taking the class 2 victory.
Joe Moor was the fastest class 4 driver of the day and temporarily topped the leader board in round 6 but was knocked down to the second step by the drivers that followed him.
Steve Brett also has a chance of standing on the top step in round 6 but had to settle for the second step as Josh Finch in his final run put down a perfect lap to win the event.
This was a popular result with the crowed as this is the first time Josh has stood on the top step of the podium and well deserved it was.
The final unsealed surface event of the year will return to Knighton Sand Pit on the 13th of October, competitors and spectators are more than welcome. Please visit our website for more information.

Next Event – Knighton Sand Pit 29th Speptember

This is one of the most epic venues on the Isle of Wight Calendar. Dirt, Dust, rubble and sand – whats not to like?

Please register your interest in competing at this event otherwise it may be cancelled due to low numbers

If you plan to take part as a competitor please enter on line as soon as possible or if you plan to pay on the day please inform the club via Email, social media or tell a member of the committee.

please support your club and maybe even encourage your friends to have a go – lets keep our club alive

you can enter via the link bellow

Round 10

Round 9 Report

Atherfield is a fantastic introduction for anyone wanting to dip their toe into driving on an unsealed surface. This slippery but safe grass venue always puts a smile on competitors’ and spectators’ faces alike. 19 competitors enjoyed a glorious sunny day and it was great to see some new members. Marion Brett threw down the gauntlet in round one with a time over a second faster than anyone else and she was set to have a great battle with the other ladies competing at this event. Louise Taggart in her Suzuki Swift, Laura Parry and Louise Wren in their Ford Fiesta and Hannah Thomson in her Clio are not only showing the lads how it is done but also demonstrating that motorsport is one of the few sports in the world where competitor are not decided by gender or age. At the end of the day it was Hannah Tomson who took the honour of being the fastest lady. Ricky Sheppard claimed the class one title. New member George McFarlane put in a great drive to win class two in his 4wd Cavalier. Steve Brett not only won class two but also finished 2nd overall and Josh Finch drove his single seater special to stand on the 3rd step of the podium and win class five in the process. But our event and class four winner was Jo Moore in his Subaru. Everyone agreed that driving on an unsealed surface can be amazing fun. The Isle of Wight Car Club’s next event is also another unsealed surface venue, this time at the very dramatic Knighton sand pit on the 29th of September. If you would like to participate in this event, please register your interest by telling a member of the club committee or via email or one of the club’s social media sites. Unfortunately, if there is little interest the event may be cancelled. So let’s make it happen.


Round 7 Atherfield

Round 7 of the Isle of Wight Car Club championship was an unsealed surface event held at Atherfield – this venue is always popular with members as the flat open grass field is great fun without the risk of damaging cars.

Despite Saturday being wet, the sky cleared for the Sunday event and competitors had a great day of grass roots motor sport in the sun.

Run one found Steve Brett take the lead in his class 3 classic Mini. His clean driving style and agile car set the pace for all to follow with a time of 1.14:19.

In run 2 Steve shaved almost a second off his previous time, however, Joe Moore was a tenth of a second quicker in his Subaru Impreza.

In run 3 class one cars were battling hard, the standard under 1400cc cars of Steve Glass and co driver Robert Tomlin in their MG ZR and Louise Wren and Shane Parry’s Ford fiesta were proving that you don’t need a high performance car to have fun on track.

In run 4 Chris Wilson in his single seater class 5 special broke a rear suspension rose joint and had to retire the car. Joe Moore was still leading, but, both Jon and John in their Subaru were only a 10th of a second behind.

In run 5 Kevin Richardson was leading the group of class 2 cars, this time standard cars over 1400cc. Tony Long in his class 2 MX5 was having a close battle with Barry Richardson not far behind.

Run 6 at this event is normally the time to set your best time of the day. John Cooper did just that and this earned him the 3rd step of the podium. Jon Barrett could not improve but still claimed the 2nd. Joe Moore set his slowest time of the day, however, his 5th run was good enough to stand on the top step of the podium.

Fastest lady of the day went to Louise Wren, class 1 winner was Shane Parry, class 2 Kevin Richardson, class 3 Steve Brett, class 4 Joe Moore and class 5 Chris Wilson.

The next event is also an unsealed surface event, this time at Knighton Sandpit on the 11th of August

Round 6 Isle of Wight College

Forward only Autotests are a driving challenge designed to test your car handling skills and ability to remember a simple course created by cones. These events are a fun and a safe environment for anyone who wants to develop their driving skills
29 Drivers competed in round 6 of the Isle of Wight Car Clubs 2019 forward only Autotest championship held at the Isle of Wight College.
Classes one and two are for unmodified cars and is the cheapest and simplest way to enter this sport as your road car is more than suitable. Louise Wren and Steve Glass were battling to be the fastest in class one and Steve just pipped Louise to the class win by only 700ths of a second, however, Louise did not go home empty handed as she was presented with the award for fastest lady of the day.

Class 2 was won by Dean Long in his standard MX5 and finished an incredible 5th position overall.
Class 3 was an all modified mini affair with 6 competitors vying for the class win, these little old cars are still proving they have what it takes to be competitive and Adam Greenen showed his father how it was done by taking 4th place overall as well as the class win.
Class 4 was the most entertaining class with Zack and Barney Lower sliding there BMW around the track with pin point precision but the class win went to Toby Alan in a borrowed Lotus.
The winners podium were all class 5 drivers and finished with only 9 tenths of a second between them. Steve Wells finished 3rd, Ryan Munt 2nd and Chris Wilson was crowned event winner.
The podium champagne was provided by podium sponsor Young Plumbing.

USS Round 1 Report – Cheverton Chalkpit

Cheverton chalk pit saw the first unsealed round of the 2019 championship. A tough venue with smooth chalk, deep ruts and loose gravel sections, not to mention the ramp that joins the upper and lower areas.

Straight away it was clear the battle for the top step of the podium would be between Joe Moore in his Subaru Impreza and Dan Young in his stripped out classic Mini. The pair were keeping a nervous eye on Michael Marrison in his Puma engined Ford Fiesta – he was on typical fast form but struggling to put a clean time on the board.

Class 1 was hotly contested, with Louise Wren and Shane Parry bringing the fight to Steve Glass. In the end, Steve managed to take the class win and even beat Steve and Marion Brett’s class 3 Mini.

Hannah Thompson took fastest lady of the day in Michael’s Fiesta whilst leaving bits of car strewn all over the course. In the end, the entire exhaust, one arch liner and a subframe mount met their demise.

By the end of the final run the podium was Michael Marrison in 3rd, Dan Young in 2nd and Joe Moore in 1st.

Our next unsealed event is at Knighton Sandpit on 26th May.

Autotest Round 2 Event Report

The Isle of Wight Car Club made a welcome return to the grounds of the Ventnor Botanic Garden.

The Ventnor Botanic Gardens is a picturesque venue on the south side of the Island sheltered form the cold northerly wind by the Ventnor downs. It contains many tropical trees and plants and is not the normal place that you would expect to see motor racing, however, the owner kindly allowed a large section of the garden to be closed, so that the Isle of Wight Car Club could run an autotest.

This unique event encouraged current members to bring some exciting cars out of storage and entice new members to join the club and have a go.

The slight down side to this event is, that, if you were to push a little too hard and leave the course due to being over enthusiastic, the penalty is, that the flora and fauna and not to mention a scattering of rocks are very unforgiving.

Class one cars are unmodified cars under 1400cc. Steve Glass drove his MGZR to this class win pipping Hanna Thomson by only a few seconds.

Hanna, however, was awarded fastest lady of the day and it must be noted she was also faster than Brian Robbins and Dan Young who were also driving her car.

Class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc and Dean Long in his MX5 was a joy to watch proving slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Dean Long was unable to accept his class winner’s award at the podium celebration as he went home to kindly lend his van and trailer to the Lower family as their car had suffered irreparable damage during the last run and as they had made the trip to the Isle of Wight from the mainland in the car they were competing in were rather stuck with no way of getting home.
So I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of the club to Dean and Tony for helping the Lower family in their hour of need.

As a small compensation Zach Lower managed to claim class 4 honours and 3rd place on the podium before the car was damaged and we are assured the car along with the Lowers will make a return.

Class 3 went to Adam Greenen in his classic Mini.

Class 5 is the domain of the specials and Lowcost cars, however, Michael Marrison in his class 5 Puma powered Fiesta again wowed onlookers by out-performing other more performance orientated cars and finishing in 5th place over all. Chris Wilson took the 2nd step of the podium in his special but with a huge lead taking the class and overall win as Ryan Munt.

Thanks to the success and generosity of the Ventnor Botanic Garden the Isle of Wight Car Club hope to return to this venue for its final round of the year.