Healey Weekend Day 1

Round 12 and day one of the 2023 Healey weekend was a fast flowing track held at BAE systems.

Rounds 12 and 13 are run as individual events, however, the fastest times of each day are added together and the competitor with the lowest combined time wins the amazing turbine trophy.

4 members of the Healy club entered with many more in support. Oliver Chatham and Jack Chatham in their shared MX5, Sam Steeper in his MX5 and Dave Smithies in Ford Escort 2000.

All were super competitive and posting some amazing times.

Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc. Gordon Bushell made a welcome return to the club, not in his Austin 7 special but a Citroen C1. Darren Phillips, Rob Highmore and Louise Highmore were all sharing a Ford KA. Louise showed outstanding form by posting quicker times throughout the day, however, it was Darren who took the class win.

Class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc. Michael Jolliffe from Wight Karting was campaigning his classic mini and had a busy day not only running the Kart simulator but also having to jump start his classic mini before each run. Michael finished 3rd in class only 4 tenths of a second behind Andy Williams in his new Alfa who finished 2nd in class. Jamie Duff in his Ford Focus put in an cracking time in his last run to take the class win.

Jamie Duff was sharing his Focus with his Daughter Kara Duff. This was Kara’s first IOWCC event and being under 18 years of age she was competing in the Youth Championship sponsored by Jake Ellis Sunglasses. Kara certainly has some driving skills and impressed the spectators with her smooth and quick driving style. In return she posted the fastest youth time of the day taking that award. An amazing achievement for her first event.

If you are aged 14 and would like to have a go at a future car club event and compete in the Youth Championship sponsored by Jake Ellis go to our website www.iowcc.co.uk for more info.

The simulator competition held in the back of the Wight Karting van was as competitive as ever and Jaques Ridett took 3rd place on the podium, Joel Gilby took 2nd and the Wight Karting simulator winner of the day was Emerson Ridett.

Class 3 is for modified cars under 1400cc – James Robbins in his immaculately prepared Citroen C1 and Dave Goodwin in his sheep in wolf clothing classic mini were at the top of their class and James spent the day chasing Dave’s tail at the top of the leaderboard. At the close of play James finished 2nd in class and on the 3rd step of the podium and Dave took the class and overall win.

Class 4 is for modified cars over 1400cc. All of the Healey group were competing in class 4 and as mentioned were posting fantastic times and it was amazing to watch Dave Smithies’ car control as he whipped his mk1 Escort RS2000 round the  super tight 180 with a flick of the hand brake and a boot full of throttle.

Also demonstrating some amazing car control was Dean Long in his newly acquired Subaru Hatch Rally car. This was the first time Dean had driven his new car in anger and before his first run was complete he was at one with his new weapon of choice. However, it was Kevin Richardson in his BMW mini cooper S that he was sharing with his father Barry who took the class win and finished 2nd place overall.

Cathy True was also competing in class 4 in her Suzuki Ignis Sport and took the award for the fastest lady of the day.

Class 5 is for heavily modified cars, limited production cars and specials. Martin Goddard is still getting to grips with his single seater special, however, with every run and every event he is gaining more confidence and pushing himself and the car harder. We are sure by the start of the 2024 season he will be looking for his first event win. In a twist of fate it was Robbie Cooper who took the Class 5 win in his Class 4 MGZR. “Why / how can that be?” I hear you ask. Well, under the IOWCC rules club members are allowed to use a lower class car in what would be their normal class if for some reason their car is broken etc. This allows a competitor to keep their class championships alive. Please note this can only be done twice in a championship season and must always be in a lower class car as to not gain an advantage.

Day 2 of the Healey weekend will be held this Sunday (12th of Nov) at Westridge next to Wight Karting in Ryde. Dave Goodwin goes into the competition with a 1.04 second lead. Westridge is a much tighter venue and the forecast is a little damp, so anything could happen.

Final USS of 2023

Knighton Sandpit was the location of a very dramatic and exciting finale to the 2023 unsealed surface season.

29 drivers navigated their way through piles of rubble and pallets, while simultaneously coping with mixed surfaces including, gravel, dirt and very soft sand.

Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc and Darren Phillips in his Ford KA produced his fastest run of the day during run 6, giving him the class win and proving you don’t need a high performance car with knobbly tyres to be competitive in the unmodified classes with 6th place over all.

Class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc, we had no competitors in class 2.

Class 3 is for modified cars under 1400cc – Joel and Boo Gilby were battling it out in their shared MGZR, with Boo producing the faster time by half a second and Joel taking the fastest youth title, sponsored by Jake Ellis Sunglasses. However, Steve Staff took his Micra to 4th place overall also giving him the class win.

Also in class 3 Courtney Mullen mastered the sand and took the award for the fastest lady of the day in her Ford Fiesta

Class 4 is for modified cars over 1400cc – The bookies would have placed Wayne Hole in contention of a podium finish, however, during run 1, Wayne sustained an injury to this thumb and had to retire form the event. The good news is that the hospital said that nothing was broken, and he can get behind the wheel in time for the Phil Collings South Downs Stages in December.

James McEnery did not have any broken bones either, but he did have braking issues in his Ford Fiesta. After repairs and re-bleeding the brakes, the car just would not come to a halt in a straight line in the stop box, however, James’ last run was controlled and fast giving him the class win and a fantastic 3rd place overall.

Class 5 is for heavily modified cars, limited production cars and specials such as the single seaters of Martin Goddard and Chris Wilson. Martin is now getting the hang of his special and this is reflected in his times. Martin finished 3rd place overall and we expect him to be challenging the top step in 2024. Chris Wilson has had some time off from competing in 2023 due to family commitments, however, his return at this event showed he still has what it takes, taking the event win with an astounding 7.95 second lead.

We would like to thank Pro-Tek for their support in being the podium sponsors.

In amongst the action on track, Wight Karting had their simulator van on site and members this time had an unsealed surface track to compete on. Each club member can have 3 attempts to post the fastest lap of the day with medals being awarded alongside the IOWCC podium presentation.

3rd fastest time of the day went to Joel Gilby, 2nd Jakey Jarrold and the quickest single lap time of the day was performed by Jaques Ridett giving him the gold medal.

With the final USS event of the season over, the results and drops can be calculated and the unsealed surface champions of 2023 can be announced.

Head to our website www.iowcc.co.uk to view the leaderboard and find out if you will be presented with a trophy at the AGM.

Thank you to everyone who makes these events happen and the next event is our Healey Weekend on the 11th and 12th of November.

Round 10 Report

The top carpark of the Ventnor Botanic Garden must be the tightest venue on the IOWCC calendar and due to its constraints setting a course can be very challenging for the event organisers. However, for round 10 it was one of the club’s youth members, 7 year old Violet, who stepped forward and created a course that not only provided tight technical sections but also a fast loop to the finish line. Thank you, Violet – job well done. 25 competitors sat behind the wheel of their car of choice and proceeded to navigate Violet’s course. Initially many struggled to negotiate the course made of only 4 traffic cones without having to perform a 3-point turn. As the day continued, it became apparent that the fastest way round the course lay not in the shortest route but where the cars were not limited by their turning circle. Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc. There were only 3 cars in this class but driven by 7 individual drivers – car sharing is not only a great way to reduce the cost of this already cheap motorsport, but it is also a fun sub-competition with the person who you are sharing the car with. Darren Phillips, Rob Highmore, Adam Froment and Michael Jolliffe were in a tight battle for the class win, however, it was Darren who took class honours and a deserved win. Alfie Froment, who was sharing the class 1 fiesta with his dad Adam, was the fastest junior, sponsored by Jake Ellis Sunglasses. Class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc. Steve Ridett and Wayne Hole were the only drivers in this class and in very contrasting cars, Steve in his front wheel drive Toyota Corrolla and Wayne in his rear wheel drive MX5. Both cars have their pros and cons, Steve was performing some very efficient hand break turns, however, on this tight venue, Wayne had the advantage of lighting up the rear tyres and spinning around tight cones although the grippy surface was hindering them both. Wayne took the class win and the second step of the podium. Class 3 is for modified cars over 1400cc and 7 drivers in varying cars, all hot hatch backs, battled it out for the class win. James Robbins in his immaculately prepared C1 drove superbly to take 2nd in class and 3rd overall. Dave Goodwin did not make any upgrades to his classic mini over the summer sealed surface brake, but he did perform some essential maintenance and is is very happy with the results, and the hard work paid off with a class 3 win and the stop step of the podium as overall winner of the day. Class 4 is for modified cars over 1400cc and this consisted of 9 drivers. Cathy True was campaigning her new car and took the award for the fastest lady of the day. Respect has to go to Jake Jarrold for navigating the tight course in his Subaru finishing 3rd in class. Jacques Ridett in his rally MINI Cooper R50 finished 2nd in class and Kevin Richardson took the class win in his Suzuki Ignis Sport. There were no competitors in class 5. Thank you to our podium Sponsors Pro-Tek who supply the podium prizes. Wight Karting were not only giving members the amazing opportunity to compete in their simulator, Simon Johnstone and Michael Jolliffe were also campaigning their Micra in class one. Michael took Wight Karting team honours and it is obvious that the smooth driving techniques learnt in karting and simulator racing transfer to auto testing. So at the next event jump in the simulator and hone your skills and between IOWCC events head to the Wight Karting track at Westridge. The simulator track for this event was Brands Hatch full circuit and Kevin Richardson was awarded the Bronze medal for his result, Joel Gilby won silver and our event winner was Danny Grist thanks to his motor racing experience. Thank you so much to Ventnor Botanic Garden for the use of their very beautiful venue. The next event is the LAST unsealed surface event of the year at Knighton Sandpit on the 22nd of October and the next sealed surface event is the double header Healey weekend on the 11th and 12th of November. Visit our website and subscribe to our email newsletter for more information.

Round 7 Report

With mixed surfaces, elevation changes and a dramatic backdrop Knighton never disappoints to create a memorable event.

The risk of rain hung in the air, but, for the most of the day the track stayed dry and improved with each passing car, letting the times tumble towards a dramatic finale.

26 drivers enjoyed a day of friendly competition where they tries to be the fastest in their class or even to obtain the title of faster driver of the day.

Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc and class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc. Both classes are limited to basic road tyres, you are allowed to fit a rear 4 point safety cage to protect the participants and a sump guard to protect the car, other than this, the cars need to be standard.

Class 1 – New members Simon Johnstone and Michael Jolliffe from Wight Karting were competing in their 1000cc Nissan Micra and their skills in karting transferred well to the loose surface with them finishing 15th and 13th overall. Rob Highmore finished 12th overall and Darren Phillips demonstrated that the standard classes can be very competitive in the overall rankings by not only taking the class 1 win but finishing in 7th place overall in the Ford KA he shares with Rob.

Class 2 – Steve and Jacques Ridett had a close battle all day in their standard Toyota Corolla and in the end Steve took the class win by only 0.17 of a second.

Class 3 is for modified cars under 1400cc and class 4 is for cars over 1400cc, both cars must resemble a road going car in appearance and have the same engine/ transmission layout. These cars are permitted to use knobbly tyres.

Class 3 – Alfie and Adam Froment were competing in a modified Nissan Micra. Keith Thomas and Courtney Mullen were in their Clio and Joel Gilby and Charles (Boo) Gilby were competing in their MG ZR. It was fantastic to see Courtney take the award for the fastest lady of the day and Boo take the class 3 win and finishing 8th overall.

You can drive and compete from the age of 14 and Joel Gilby took the award of the fastest youth of the day sponsored by Jake Ellis Sunglasses.

Class 4 – 13 drivers competing during the day were in class 4 cars and the top 5 overall positions were made up of class 4 drivers.

James McEnery was on form for a podium finish but after a rare mistake he damaged his Fiesta and had to settle for 5th in class and 5th overall.

Kevin Richardson in his Suzuki Ignis and Steve Glass in his Bini Cooper S were in a tight battle for the 3rd step of the podium and on his last run Steve put in a fantastic time half a second quicker than Kevin to take 3rd in class and enjoy the podium bubbly supplied by podium sponsors Pro-Tek.

1st and 2nd place in both class 4 and overall was just as tight between Wayne Hole in his rally Ford Focus and Jon Barrett in his rally Subaru. In the end, Jon to the class 4 win and overall top spot of the day, 0.27 seconds ahead of Wayne.

Class 5 is for highly modified cars, limited production cars and specials such as Martin Goddard’s ex-autograss single seater. Martin would have been on track for the event win as his times were blisteringly quick, however, a few mistakes incurred penalty points for hitting cones, knocking him down to 6th place overall but he still went home with the class 5 award.

Wight Karting were not only on the track in their Micra, they also had their amazing kart simulator van, so that there could be some virtual off track competition.

Jacques Ridett took the 3rd place medal, Jakey Jarrold showed that sim racing is not just for the youths by finishing 2nd, but showing he has skills in both events was Joel Gilby with the fastest kart time around the very challenging Willow Springs circuit.

Thank you so much to Wight Karting for adding this very exciting addition to our events.

Thank you also to everyone who helps make these events happen, we genuinely need volunteers to help set up and run the event, so that we can all enjoy this fun, cheap and accessible motorsport. 

The next event is also an Unsealed surface event, this time back at Atherfield on the 3rd of September.

event winners

Island Stages 2023 Cancelled

Entries for the Island Stages 2023 have now closed and unfortunately we did not reach the minimum number of entrants. The Isle Of Wight Car Club committee have taken the decision to cancel this year’s event.

We appreciate this is disappointing for all involved, however, we cannot run the event at a financial loss.

Despite this the IOWCC are looking to the future and are exploring the possibility of a TARMAC rallysprint format in 2024. 

All competitors, officials, land owners and sponsors have been informed – thank you all for your support.2023

NO event this weekend :( – how about Karting?

Disappointed that the IOWCC event had been cancelled this weekend? Well the nice people at Wight Karting have offered a 20% discount on this Sunday morning time trial sessions.

The available sessions are a 9:25am arrival and 9:40am arrival on the 13th This would get anyone 2×15 min sessions, Moke has also said he would record the times set by IOWCC members and would award medals on the podium for the fastest times.

The promo code they have set up for this is IOWCC20% and this would be put into the ‘‘ADD PROMO OF DISCOUNT CODE’’ section on our booking screen.

Find the link to the available session times here:

9:25am: https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/wightkarting/items/236649/availability/1247906808/book/?full-items=yes

9.40: https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/wightkarting/items/236649/availability/1247906809/book/?full-items=yes

A minimum of 2 drivers must be booked for the sessions to open.

Support the people who support the IOWCC and get some track racing in at the same time.

Again thank you Wight Karting for your support

Round 6 Report

Atherfield never fails to produce a great day of grass roots motorsport and round 6 of the Isle of Wight Car Club calendar had it all from super tight zigzags to fast sweeping sections.

This large flat field is popular with car club members as, if competitors want to try an unsealed surface event in their daily driver, there is little chance of damaging your vehicle.

The only modification permitted in the unmodified classes are a sum-guard to protect the car and a rear 4 point roll cage to protect the occupants. 

Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc.

Rob Highmore and Darren Phillips were sharing their Ford KA and were pushing each other throughout the day – proving you don’t need a big engined bodied car to have fun and friendly competition. Rob not only took the bragging rights being the fastest of the duo but also took the class 1 title.

Class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc. 

There was an identical battle in class 2 between Jacques and Steve Riddett in their amazing Toyota Corolla. This time Jacques was putting in the fastest time and being awarded with the class 2 win.

Modifications permitted in the modified classes are limited and the car must look like a car that would be legal for the road, for example they must retain windows, bumpers and light lenses.

Class 3 is for modified cars under 1400cc. 

The small nimble cars were making light work of the zig zags and Steve Staff in his “No Money Micra” proved to be fast over the entire course giving him the class 3 win.

Class 4 is for modified cars over 1400cc.

Wayne Hole driving his Ford Focus was in a tight battle with Dean Long in his MX5 and Shane Parry in his Ford Puma, however, this is how the podium was due to finish, with Wayne taking the top step with the fastest time of the day, Dean on the 2nd step only 0.09 of a second behind and Shane in 3rd place overall.

Class 5 is for heavily modified cars, specials and limited production cars.

Colin Attrill in his fantastically prepared Classic mini Autograss pickup took some time to figure out how to navigate the tight zig zag sections in a front wheel drive car without a hand brake but by the closing runs of the day was nailing it and not only took the class 5 win he also finished 8th overall.

Fastest lady of the day was awarded to Louise Wren. Louise has been competing in many other motorsport events on the mainland and the time behind the wheel is paying off with some fantastic results.

Fastest youth of the day is sponsored by Jake Ellis Sunglasses. 

Members can drive in an autotest from the age of 14 provided their car has a roof, back seats and no more than a 2 litre engine. They have to have an experienced competitor sitting in with them to offer help and advice – a great way to get experience with car control before they learn to drive on the road.

Alfie Froment, at only his second car club event and in a borrowed car achieved the honours of the fastest youth of the day – a fantastic achievement and one to watch as he is only going to improve.

Running alongside the action on track, Wight Karting had their amazing Kart simulator. 

James Robbins was the 3rd fastest of the day with Jacques Riddett coming 2nd. Danny Grist, who proved to be a much better at the karting simulator than as a passenger on track, he repeatedly told his driver the wrong way to go round the course, claimed the top spot of the podium.

A big thank you to everyone who make these events happen, help set up and pack away at the end of the day.

The next event is at Knighton Sand Pit on the 6th of August.

We are looking for marshals to help at the Island Stages Rally on the 30th of September – 1st of October. 

If you are interested please head to our website www.iowcc.co.uk.