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A dedicated spectator viewing area will be set up at The Cow Shed, Havenstreet with a shuttle bus running to spectator parking at the Isle Of Wight Steam Railway at the other end of the village. There will be excellent viewing of an exciting junction as well as panoramic views along Firestone Copse Road and Rowlands Lane from the steep hill opposite.

Firestone Copse will be accessible on foot via the footpath from near the White Hart Inn in Havenstreet and via Newnham Lane for the more intrepid rally fans. It is not recommended to try and view along Rowlands Lane as the adjacent land is private and the hedges are tall.

Spectating is free of charge, but please spectate safely!

Spectator FAQs

Where should I park to view the action?

For the Spectator Area, park at the Steam Railway and use the shuttle bus which will take you through the village. Do not park in Havenstreet, or on the closed roads leading up to the stage route – these must be kept clear for emergency access!

For the Service Area, park in Newport town centre or Seaclose car park (which is free of charge at weekends!)

How long will the road closure be in place?

The closure will be for the full day, but practically we anticipate access being restricted between approximately 6am and 6pm. If you arrive early to park in Firestone Copse car park you can expect to be stuck in there all day.