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Here are some FAQs for residents and businesses who may be affected by the road closure.

How long will the closure be in place?

The closure will be for the full day, but practically we anticipate access being restricted between approximately 6am and 6pm.

If the road is closed outside my house, will I be able to come and go?

There will be safe opportunities during the day should access or egress be required. If there is an emergency, we will be as accommodating as possible. All landlocked properties will receive an information pack containing the schedule for the day and contact details for Rally Control should there be any issues.

Can I stay at home while the rally is happening?

Of course – in fact, many residents alongside rally special stages take the opportunity to invite friends over and enjoy the spectacle. Provided everyone is in a safe place and heed the instructions of officials and marshals there is no problem.

What happens if there’s an accident and my property is damaged?

All events permitted by the governing body, Motorsport UK are covered by their master insurance agreement to a maximum of £100 million.