Healey Weekend Day 1

Round 12 and day one of the 2023 Healey weekend was a fast flowing track held at BAE systems.

Rounds 12 and 13 are run as individual events, however, the fastest times of each day are added together and the competitor with the lowest combined time wins the amazing turbine trophy.

4 members of the Healy club entered with many more in support. Oliver Chatham and Jack Chatham in their shared MX5, Sam Steeper in his MX5 and Dave Smithies in Ford Escort 2000.

All were super competitive and posting some amazing times.

Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc. Gordon Bushell made a welcome return to the club, not in his Austin 7 special but a Citroen C1. Darren Phillips, Rob Highmore and Louise Highmore were all sharing a Ford KA. Louise showed outstanding form by posting quicker times throughout the day, however, it was Darren who took the class win.

Class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc. Michael Jolliffe from Wight Karting was campaigning his classic mini and had a busy day not only running the Kart simulator but also having to jump start his classic mini before each run. Michael finished 3rd in class only 4 tenths of a second behind Andy Williams in his new Alfa who finished 2nd in class. Jamie Duff in his Ford Focus put in an cracking time in his last run to take the class win.

Jamie Duff was sharing his Focus with his Daughter Kara Duff. This was Kara’s first IOWCC event and being under 18 years of age she was competing in the Youth Championship sponsored by Jake Ellis Sunglasses. Kara certainly has some driving skills and impressed the spectators with her smooth and quick driving style. In return she posted the fastest youth time of the day taking that award. An amazing achievement for her first event.

If you are aged 14 and would like to have a go at a future car club event and compete in the Youth Championship sponsored by Jake Ellis go to our website www.iowcc.co.uk for more info.

The simulator competition held in the back of the Wight Karting van was as competitive as ever and Jaques Ridett took 3rd place on the podium, Joel Gilby took 2nd and the Wight Karting simulator winner of the day was Emerson Ridett.

Class 3 is for modified cars under 1400cc – James Robbins in his immaculately prepared Citroen C1 and Dave Goodwin in his sheep in wolf clothing classic mini were at the top of their class and James spent the day chasing Dave’s tail at the top of the leaderboard. At the close of play James finished 2nd in class and on the 3rd step of the podium and Dave took the class and overall win.

Class 4 is for modified cars over 1400cc. All of the Healey group were competing in class 4 and as mentioned were posting fantastic times and it was amazing to watch Dave Smithies’ car control as he whipped his mk1 Escort RS2000 round the  super tight 180 with a flick of the hand brake and a boot full of throttle.

Also demonstrating some amazing car control was Dean Long in his newly acquired Subaru Hatch Rally car. This was the first time Dean had driven his new car in anger and before his first run was complete he was at one with his new weapon of choice. However, it was Kevin Richardson in his BMW mini cooper S that he was sharing with his father Barry who took the class win and finished 2nd place overall.

Cathy True was also competing in class 4 in her Suzuki Ignis Sport and took the award for the fastest lady of the day.

Class 5 is for heavily modified cars, limited production cars and specials. Martin Goddard is still getting to grips with his single seater special, however, with every run and every event he is gaining more confidence and pushing himself and the car harder. We are sure by the start of the 2024 season he will be looking for his first event win. In a twist of fate it was Robbie Cooper who took the Class 5 win in his Class 4 MGZR. “Why / how can that be?” I hear you ask. Well, under the IOWCC rules club members are allowed to use a lower class car in what would be their normal class if for some reason their car is broken etc. This allows a competitor to keep their class championships alive. Please note this can only be done twice in a championship season and must always be in a lower class car as to not gain an advantage.

Day 2 of the Healey weekend will be held this Sunday (12th of Nov) at Westridge next to Wight Karting in Ryde. Dave Goodwin goes into the competition with a 1.04 second lead. Westridge is a much tighter venue and the forecast is a little damp, so anything could happen.

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