Don’t forget you need your licence and club membership to compete in 2023

There are so many benefits being a club member including some amazing discounts and services from our club partners and sponsors

Use the membership section of the club website to sign up for 2023 and the link below for your motorsport uk license.

To compete at Isle of Wight Car Club Autotest events as a driver or a passenger in 2023 you will need to hold a new RS Clubman licence as a minimum, which will be free of charge.
The RS Clubman licence can be applied for online via the Motorsport UK website and aims to encourage more grass roots participation, as well as ensuring all Motorsport UK event competitors are covered by comprehensive insurance. Additionally, licence holders will have access to Motorsport UK’s Member Benefits Programme that includes the new upgraded personal accident cover.

Other licences

RS Interclub (UK Only) – This licence can be applied for online via the Motorsport UK website and is the minimum requirement for competing in Sprints, Hillclimbs and being a navigator in Stage Rally. This cost £74

Race and Rally – to drive in a stage rally or circuit racing you would need to undertake the relvent tests for your chosen discipline – if you would like more information please contact the club.

see the chart below for the full list of competitors minimum acceptable licences

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