Have you ever wanted take part in a Hillclimb event?

If you’ve done a sprint then you’ll have all the right gear to compete.

So what is a Hillclimb? Quite simply, it’s a hill and you have to get to the top as quickly as possible.

The IOWCC are invited each year to compete in there own class for a weekend of competition at Gurston, near Salisbury.

The event this year is the weekend of June 18/19, you can do 1 day or both as each day is a separate competition. Camping is available or there are some great pubs locally that offer accommodation.

The following IOWCC members are already signed up to compete: –

Gerald Wilby – Sat/Sun
Ian Thomas – Sat/Sun
Dan Young – Sat/Sun
Toby Allen – Sun
Shane Parry – Sun
Louise Wren – Sun
Glenn Snudden – Sun

The Club has a Facebook event and Club member Dan Young has created a FB messenger group for those that are competing so if you are interested drop him a PM for any further info or take a look here http://gurstondown.org

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