Scatter Rally


5th of January

This is a family friendly scatter rally and social. Kids and grandkids are welcome.

Briefing at 11am and first car away shortly after. Clues will be easy to find and you will have 1 hour to get as many as you can! Winners will be announced once all teams have returned, in time to get an excellent pub lunch.

Entry is £5 per car and not all team members need to be IOWCC members.

FAQ – at the start you are given more locations to visit than you can possibly achieve within an hour, to prove that you have been to that location you need to answer a simple question such as, how many steps to the front door, or what name is carved on the bench. you need to be back at the start within an hour other wise you loose points for each minute you are late. each team will be given a separate start and finish time so you don’t all start at the same time. you can have as many team members in the car as you wish so its great fun for the family. only £5 per car.

Scatter Rally


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