Round 5 Write Up – Morgan Sibling Rises To The Top

Round 5 of the Isle of Wight car clubs forward only auto tests took part at Atherfield on Sunday.

This was also round 2 of their unsealed surface championship, the venue at Atherfeild is always popular due to it being a large flat open field. This allows competitors to use normal road going cars without the fear of damaging them.
Competitors are divided into classes depending on what type of car they decide to drive on the day, these range from unmodified under 1400cc cars in class 1 to space frame single seater buggys in class 5.

However, drivers with four wheel drive and knobbly tyres (class 4) held a distinct advantage over their 2 wheel driver competitors as even short grass offers little traction to cars on road tyres. 6 of the top 10 fastest cars on the day were 4wd Subaru Impeza’s – the exception to the rule was Chris Wilson in his class 5 special who came 4th, Steve Brett in his class 3 classic mini in 8th and Wayne Hole class 4 and Dean long class 2in their MX-5’s who came 9th and 10th respectively, proving that every day cars can still be competitive.

Motorsport is one of only a few sports were ladies and gentleman compete against each other side by side in the same arena, The isle of Wight Car Club is no exception, Zoe Henry, Sue Mitchell, Jill Broomfield, Marion Brett and Vicky Cox all showing that it’s not just a man’s game with Vicky driving her peugeot 205 to 15th place overall.

The big news of the event was the rise of Adam Morgan who was sharing a Subaru Impreza with his older brother Dan Morgan (the raining overall club champion). Adam dominated the event all day and won the event by .45 of a second and leaving his older brother Dan back in 3rd place.

Everyone on the day were so pleased to see Adam take his first ever win and look forward to seeing this sibling rivalry develop over the rest of the season.

If you wish to take part in a future event, all you need is a valid driving licence, a crash helmet and a car.

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