Only 1 week to go until Round 1 of the 2015 season begins!

Held at IOW Pearl on Military road on Sunday the 5th of April this will be the second time we visit the venue!

Please allow time to renew your membership / sign on for the event prior to the safety briefing at 9:30am!

Remember you can both pay for your 2015 membership and event fees on the website to save time on the day, see link below!

Reminder on Passengers

We’re going to trial allowing passengers in with the driver at this event! There are a few things you
will need to be aware of if you plan to either be a passenger or wish to
have a passenger in with you.

• Passengers will be charged £6 and need to be either day or full IOWCC members. If you are already signed on as a driver then you will qualify to be a passenger already.

• Passengers must be at least 16 years of age.
• If you as the driver wish to have a passenger in your car then in accordance with the MSA rules you will have to compete with a passenger for every run on the day.

• If you want a passenger in your car, but not for all the runs then you as the driver are able to sign on under a second permit for an additional cost of £6. This will then allow you to pick and choose when you have a passenger, you will still only get 6 runs.

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