Northwood Showground Round 12 USS 13-10-2013

John Dutch Wins Final Round of the

 IOWCC Unsealed Surface Championship

 The weather forecast was for rain by midday and with heavy rain over night the grass field was very wet and slippery. It was most likely that the best times were going to be achieved in the first two or three runs if the rain was to arrive at midday and arrive it did ..

First to set the pace was two new day members Chris Bloomfield and Kevin Dance in there purpose built off road buggy and they were eight seconds ahead of the following bunch of drivers of Andy Williams, Dan Morgan, John Dutch, Marion Saunders..

By Run 3 and still no rain it was John Dutch setting the pace for the men and Marion Saunders for the Women in there classic Minis, both seemed to be in their element in the wet and slippery conditions..

The women drivers were having a good day as not only Marion was doing well but Jemma Western was also putting in some outstanding drives, both achieving their best results this year, 6th overall and 8th overall respectively..

By Run 4 the rain arrived and the course was turned into a mud bath and like driving on ice making it almost impossible for any one to push John Dutch off the top of the leader board and that turned out to be the case and giving John his first win of the 2013 campaign and securing him the class 5 championship title .

Congratulations to John on a great drive and his win


1st  John Dutch

2nd  Chris Bloomfield

3rd  Kevin Dance

4th  Wayne Hole

5th  Dan Morgan

6th  Marion Saunders

7th  Andy Williams

8th  Jemma Western

Fastest LADIES of the Day

1st Marion Saunders

2nd Jemma Western

3rd  Linda Burt

4th Jill Williams

class 1

 no entries this time

class  2

1st  Tony Long

2nd  Dean Long

class 3

1st  Wayne Hole

2nd  Marion Saunders

3rd   Jemma Western

4th  Steve Brett

5th  Dominic Clements

class 4

1st  Dan Morgan

2nd  Steve Stotesbury

3rd  Russel Hector

4th  Danny Grist

5th  Linda Burt

class 5

1st  John Dutch

2nd  Chris Bloomfield

3rd  Kevin Dance

4th  Andy Williams

5th  Callum Steele

6th Matthew Price

7th Terry Steele

8th  Toby Allen

9th Jill Williams

Write-up by John Dutch                                 Picture by Allan Marsh

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