Round 9 IOW College Write Up


Dave Dutch Takes his third overall round win of the sealed surface championship

With the weather on our side, Round 9  Saw an epic battle between the old Classic MINI Cars of Dave Dutch, John Dutch, Chris Greenen, Andy Greenen, Kevin Richardson, Adam Greenen and Steve Brett with Ryan Munt in his Locost, Dan Morgan in his Sub Zero and Darren Taylor in his Mazda 323 thrown into the top ten mix. Resulting in seven out of the top ten cars being made up of CLASSIC MINIS..

Once again Dave Dutch was setting the pace for the rest to follow and follow they did with John Dutch, Chris Greenen, Ryan Munt, Dan Morgan, Andy Greenen and Kevin Richardson were pushing hard to keep in touch of Dave and were the only ones to get under the one minute barrier. John and Chris thought this time they may actually catch Dave but Dave had other plans and set an untouchable time of 56.72 seconds, leaving John 1.24 seconds behind him in second place and Chris 1.51 seconds behind Dave in third place

Final Overall Result 

1st Dave Dutch  56.72 seconds

2nd John Dutch  57.96 seconds

3rd Chris Greenen 58.23 seconds

4th Ryan Munt 58.68 seconds

5th Dan Morgan 58.96 seconds

6th Andy Greenen  58.96 seconds

7th Kevin Richardson 59.93 seconds

8th Adam Greenen 1:00:51 seconds

9th Darren Taylor 1:01:05 seconds

10th Steve Brett 1:01:16 seconds

There were also many class battles going on as well..

Class 1 ….. 1st Darren Cole

Class 2 ….. 1st was Daniel Kozakowycz, 2nd Daryl Turner, 3rd Dean Long, 4th Tom Silvester, 5th Steve Stotesbury followed by Tony Long .

Class 3 ….. This Hotly contested class was once again dominated by Dave Dutch in his DUTCHSPEED mini Pickup but Chris Greenen was chasing hard but could not get anywhere near the pace of Dave, Chris was followed by his son  Andy Greenen then  Kevin Richardson then Adam Greenen, Steve Brett,Wayne Hole, Dave Goodwin, Marion Saunders, Jemma Western and finally by new member Dominic Clements.

Class 4  … This class saw some new name come to the fore as many of the top runners were not attending time which gave other drivers the opportunity to grab the bigger points on offer..

1st Ricky Sheppard, 2nd Mike Hughes, 3rd Russell Hector, 4th James Robbins, 5th Vicky Cox, 6th Linda Burt, 7th Matthew Griffin..

Class 5 …  This also was a hotly contested class this year with twice the entries of last year but saw  last years champion of this class John Dutch in his DUTCHSPEED Mini Special once again coming out on top but hot on his heels was Ryan Munt who pushed John hard all day followed by Dan Morgan, Darren Taylor, Terry Steele, Andy Williams, Chris Wilson, Jill Williams, Callum Steele and finally Kai Steele…

Ladies leader board..  Marion Saunders, Vicky Cox, Linda Burt , Jemma Western, Jill Williams ….

Write-up by John Dutch         

Picture by Allan Marsh


and mention next meeting… Atherfield round 10 (USS) on the 15TH September

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