ROUND 3 USS 28/04/2013 Knighton Sand Pit

This was to be the first unsealed surface (USS) meeting of the 2013 campaign and with the weather being mostly dry all week it was set to be dusty and with little wind to clear the dust it left the potential of driving into your own dust making vision at times limited, but this was not to put off the hardy competitors of the Isle of Wight Car Club.

First to set the pace was Darren Taylor in his Mazda 323 but hard on his heals was John Dutch in his Mini and Ryan Munt in his 4WD Subaru closely followed by Steve Brett in his Mini and then Dan Morgan in his Golf GTI .

But as the day moved on Ryan and John were getting quicker where as Darren had peaked out, not to be left out Steve and Dan were also coming on strong. John was closing down Ryan by three or four tenths of a second each run but Ryan then went out on his fifth run and set an untouchable time of 1:15:70 leaving John and Darren to fight over second place, John claimed second with a time of 1:17:38 and Darren Third with a time of 1:17:88 followed by Dan on a 1:18:10 and then Steve on a 1:19:16 …

There were also many battle going on in each of the classes as follows…


No entries this time….


Once again Dean Long was the man to beat in this class on a 1:26:01 but was being chased hard by Daryl Turner on a 1:26:28 and then Daniel Kozakewycz on a 1:27:32 followed by Tony Long on a 1:30:83 and then Luke Kozakewycz on a 1:38:09


This is a hotly contest class and the man to beat is Steve Brett but this time he was being chased hard by a new entry in this class Wayne Hole (last years class 1 champion) these two were out on there own fighting for that first place as the next group were three to four seconds behind them. Kevin Richardson was leading the following pack, he was followed by Marion Saunders, Danny Grist, Mike Townsend and Jemma Western.


The man to beat in this class was always going to be Ryan Munt in his 4WD Subaru and on a 1:15:70 he was almost 3 seconds ahead of the following Pack which was headed up by Dan Morgan on a 1:18:10 then Toby Allen, Brian Robbins, Matthew Price, Vicky Cox, Kevin Lower, Barney Lower, Linda Burt, Russel Hector, Jamie Duff, Sue Mitchell..


Once again a hotly contested class and from the outset Darren Taylor was setting the pace with John Dutch chasing him hard for that first place. Darren led the way for most of the day but John in his fifth run took that first place in class from him, Darren was followed by Andy Williams who would normally be mixing it up with John and Darren but his special had a mechanical breakdown, luckily he got one good run in, which gave him third place. Andy was followed by Terry Steele, Paul Wills, Chris Wilson, Callum Steele, Steve Glass, Charlotte Warder, Andy Lee, Jill Williams, Allan Lee .

LADIES Overall

1st Marion Saunders, 2nd Vicky Cox, 3rd Linda Burt, 4th Jemma Western, 5th Charlotte Warder, 6th Jill Williams, 7th Sue Mitchell .   WE NEED MORE LADY DRIVERS TO COMPETE WITH US…

NEXT MEETING   Round 4 to be held at Newport football club car park on Saturday 8th  June


Pictures by Allan Marsh

Write up by John Dutch

Congratulations to Ryan on a great drive and his win


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