IOWCC Meeting 22/5/12

IOWCC Meeting 22nd May 2012


Here: DM, AW, JD, GB, SS, BR, DW, PR, MS, TA, MP, DG, RW


  1. 1.      Apologies



  1. 2.      Approval of Last Mins

DM to get radios to Phil to be looked at



  1. 3.      Treasures report

C/A @ 27 April £5916.65

B/P @ £2560.50


  1. 4.      Membership Sec

Knighton – 36 drivers total, 14 pre sign, 22 on the day, 2 day members, 5 new members = £482

2 brand new members proposed and 2nd. SS proposed DM 2nd.

Dan Cheek

Reece Mitchan

All agree


  1. 5.      Venues

St. Georges (Sat 16th June) signed and form sent off. TA to mail membership regarding event and lack of spectator parking available

Atherfield (Sun 1st July) RW to arrange, date might have to change due to field availability

BAE (Sun 22nd July) PR to sort

PCT (12th Aug) AW to look at Chale MX venue

RW to, continue, to look into Bembridge airport venue


  1. 6.      Marshalling

Discussed the marshalling problem

Trailing a new system for marshalling.  RW and TA to mail out proposed system to members.


  1. 7.      AOB

TA – Paypal fixed

MP – Asked to spend some money on stationery. Agreed

JD – Cones? AW to buy 20 smaller cones

GB – Battery charging.  Solar system to be researched and implemented

SS – Need to ensure bath tubs are not placed on the course

DW – Hospice cheque


Meeting closes 22:00

Next meeting 26thth June @ 20:00 @ Camp Hill

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