IOWCC Meeting 11/04/12

In Attendance MP, PR, DW, BR, GB, TA, MP, JD, DG






2. Welcome new members, explain what goes on

John Dutch and Danny grist welcomed and Co-opted members Emails &


3. Approval of last mins



4. Membership report

41 full members

36 members compete at round 1 15 sign up in advance & 21 on the day = 544 taken on the day, £21 to charity.

£834.55 in paypal Issue with paypal type of account TA to investigate.


2 new mebers: Linda Bert – Andy W & Steve S propose and approve. Callumn steele Toby & Paul propose and approve.



5.Treasurers report

Current 6541.31

saving 2560.50


6. Venues

Next event Knighton 6th May


  1. AOB

Softops and windows can be in the up or down position when competing.


Discuss Trophies and having non point related prizes. PR to find old ones, consider 2nd / 3rd over.


Radio 1 temperamental DM to give to PR to inspect. RW/DM to get details of where they were bought from.


Marshalling – Constant struggle to get more people involved. TA to campaign over email to encourage more members.


Next meeting 22nd May 8pm Camphill.

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