Morgan Stuns the Crowds ;)

Round 7 of the IOW car club could be found at the IOW college on Sunday, rescheduled from last week due to issues with venues this promised to be a cracking event as the college offers us a lot of space for course layouts. Just 28 competitors turning out, probably a casualty of the Bestival!

With fewer competitors you may think there is less competition but the exact opposite proved true with fierce competition in both class 3 and class 4.

Dave Dutch set the early pace recording a 1:15.07 in his Mini Pickup but Chris Greenen was keeping him honest driving a Mini saloon car and laying down a 1:15.90. The day was looking very much like a FWD mini would take overall honours as the RWD cars were struggling to get anywhere near those times…..

Up steps Mr Daniel Morgan of Island PC Services, driving his specially built ‘7’ type vehicle. With a first run mishap meaning he hacked up some of the course, having to drive further than necessary and still recording a 1:16.92 everybody had a right to feel threatened, a second run of 1:11.03 proved the apprehensive justified. A time from the skies that was going to prove impossible to beat was the feeling around the paddock, had an event ever been won so early in the day? And that is how it turned out, everybody else competing for the other honours, Dan went on to better his own time with an incredible 1:10.51 a whopping 2.25 seconds from Dave Dutch in second.

Class 1 was once again Jemma Westerns all to herself, we need more class 1 competitors. Where are you all hiding? Jemma recorded a 1:31.09 in a Ford KA to take all of the class points. Well done Jemma, hopefully we can find you some competition soon!

Class 3 next as there were no competitors from class 2, our usual stalwarts of Dean Long and Daryl Turner nowhere to be seen. This class as usual is the class of the Mini, 7 drivers competing for top honours. As is common these days the Dutch brothers were fast from the outset, John getting a 1:18.76 only to be bettered by his brother with a 1:15.07 to briefly put him top of the leader board. Steve Brett, frequently keeping this class honest was struggling today, his car causing issues throughout. Marion seemed to be getting more out of the little Blue Mini than her husband. Meanwhile with the Dutch brothers thinking they had the class all their own way Chris Greenen was plotting their downfall, putting a 1:15.90 on the board showed intent and then a 1:13.78 to put the cat amongst the pigeons. Dave Dutch responded with a 1:13.25 and at this point the Greenen Mini decided it wanted no more as the clutch gave way. A shame as it was turning into a really nice battle. Dave went on to better his own time with a 1:12.76 to take the class and second place overall. Chris was second in class and third overall.

Class 4 had the lion’s share of the drivers, over 17 in total. A vast variety of machinery from VX220’s to Citroen Saxo race cars. Dave Bizzill was eyeing the class top spot and when he posted a time of 1:17.77 early in the day the line had been drawn. Andrew and Dave Leppard in their 205Gti were struggling slightly with the times, usually battling the front runners their car just did not seem to suit this course. Matt Price driving his freshly prepared Citroen Saxo race car drove a brilliant 1:17.41 to top the class followed by a 1:16.62 to further cement his place at the summit. Toby Allen was struggling with the course also driving an Mx5, we all knew he would come good later though as he got to grips with both course and machinery. Posting a 1:14.96 on his fourth run proved most right. Matt responded and was seen dancing a jig as he returned to pip Toby by just 1/10th second. The jig was cut short however as Martyn Cutler in his VX220 placed a time of 1:14.97 just 2/10th off Matt with a run in hand. Martyn went on to better his time with a 1:14.49, Matt looked glum, he thought he had the class.

So Martyn Cutler took the class victory and fourth overall closely followed by Matt Price in second place and Toby Allen in third. Rebecca French ran away with fastest lady with a time of 1:19.04, her nearest rival was Vicky Cox with a 1:22.84 in a 205Gti.

Class 5 had two competitors, Dan Morgan and Andy Williams, Andy was driving his car engined special and as always started the proceedings. A time of 1:18.55 in the damp and greasy conditions might have given Andy hope that he could do well in this class of two! A 3rd run 1:16.07 and all was looking rosy…..Up steps Mr Morgan, a rare mistake costing him time on his first run but still managing a 1:16.92 boding not well for Andy. A second run and an incredible time of 1:11.03 and Andy knew it was time to get the bus home. Dan went on to better his time with an unassailable 1:10.51 and Andy with a 1:15.77 leaving Morgan with not only class honours but the top step of the podium. Well done Dan, an amazing weekend for you equalling the largest ever win.

So another weekend of motorsport drawn to a close, the 7th round done and dusted and as the dust settles we can see a clearer picture of the championship. Dave Goodwin still tops the table with 149 points but now only 2 points behind is Dan Morgan. Only 2 rounds left in the sealed surface championship and both of those fall on the weekend of 12/13 November for the annual Healey weekend. Should be an amazing finish to the championship as both battle to take the top step of the podium and walk away with the coveted winners trophy.

Driver of the day goes to Dan Morgan for winning an event 4 hours prior to its finish, will this ever be bettered?

Top 5 College

Dan Morgan 1:10.51
Dave Dutch 1:12.76
Chris Greenen 1:13.78
Martyn Cutler 1:14.49
Matt Price 1:14.95

Sealed surface Championship

Dave Goodwin 149
Dan Morgan 147
Dave Dutch 145

Overall Championship

Dan Morgan 247
Andy Williams 231
Neil Glasbey 227

Next event is on 25th September, an unsealed surface event at Atherfield. Please see for more information on how to join or spectate.
As always thanks to the land owner for kind permission to use the land, the marshals and the competitors.

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