Minutes of Committee Meeting, 29th June 2011


Dan Morgan, Richard Weaver, Andy Williams, Paul Wills, Toby Allen, Steve Stotesbury, Malcom Smith, Matt Price

  1. 1. Apologies:
    Phil Rudd, Russ Thompson, Brian Robbins, Dan Westwood, Rebecca French
  2. 2. Approval of previous meetings minutes:
    Approved without amendment  

  3. 3. Matters arising from previous meetings mins:

SS still to arrange trailer design / printing.
Look into rules regarding WT and amount of tests completed to gain points at events.  Possible rule change depending outcome for next season.
Sort out SR at next meeting

  1. 4. Treasurers Report:


  1. 5. Membership Report:
18th June Round 3 SS- St Georges Park
35 entries in total
13 pre-signed on at £10 £130.00
22 on the day at £12 £264.00
TOTAL £394.00
Owed to Hospice £22
2 Day members @£8 £16
2 Full members @£25 £50
Event Fee Minus £100
TOTAL £360

Money Banked (Cash) today from Round 2 & 3

Round 2 £481.03

Round 3 £230

Total = £711.03

Paypal Total to date from Round 2 & 3 = £310

New members approved:
Simon Adams
Lauren Bradbury
Lawrence Tomlinson

  1. 6. HERO Trial
    SS completed most of the PR
    AW/PW doing parkhurst start check
    DM/RW doing Godshill finish
    SS to invite the membership to be involved


  1. 7. Trailer Cleaning
    Marty can clean trailer and club will pay


  1. 8. Spare equipment
    Get quote for new set of beams, confirm functionality of old spare set


  1. 9. Complaints
    Based on complaints and to try and assist with numbers available for marshalling AW and RW propose changing how events are run.  All competitors will have to complete 3 runs before any competitor can attempt a 4th.  Any competitors unable to complete 3 runs by the mid point of the day will have their runs forfeited however they may be able to continue from their 4th run after the mid point.
  2. Also

    There is also a change with late competitors signing on and taking part. Normally if a member gave notice of late attendance to Membership, they would have a briefing and walk round at the mid-point on the day. This meant they would have 6 runs. Now due to the new rule change, members arriving late are still able to compete later in the day (with a valid reason and notice given) but will only have 3 runs.

    All agree, SS does not agree.


  1. 10. Committee Communication
    Agree to improve how we let each other know about event attendance.  If a committee member is not going to attend an event they must have mailed the committee by the Friday before the event.


  1. 11. Venues
    Postponed round 4 from Atherfield to be run on 25th September.  Venue TBC.
    MS to chase PR for BAE permit
    RW to get Atherfield, Nunwell and PCT permit
    AW to get Sydenhams permit


  1. 12. Matters Arising
    None, all covered during the meeting


  1. 13. AOB
    AW points out we need to stick to committee decided rules at all times.  They cannot be changed on the fly.
    Clark of the course should report to committee after the event bringing up any issues.
    PW / SS / AN Other to attend the FDMC summer Solo to see how events are run with a view to improving our own club.  Club to pay ferry fare.Meeting closes @ 10:00.

    Next meeting @ 19th July


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