17th July Sealed Surface BAE Round 5

This event kicks off at the usual time of 10am sharp, but you need to sign on from 9am-9.30am. The safety briefing and track walk will be held at 9.35am before the first car is let loose.

You can sign-on in advance from the clubs website linked here http://iowcc.co.uk/payments/ and pay via paypal which will help the smooth running of the event on the day. I strongly advise most members if possible to sign-on in advance as this really helps makes the event to run on time.

Just to make you all aware again, DAY MEMBERS and NEW FULL MEMBERS wanting to sign up this Sunday, must show their driving License as part of sign-on admission. Failure to do so will result in declined membership.

On no account must engines be revved prior to 10am and after that time any revving other during runs must be kept to a minimum.

Cars must not be started prior to 10am unless absolutely necessary and must be kept running for the minimum time possible. Driving of cars to and from the venue must be undertaken in a sensible ‘quiet’ manner at the approach to the venue.

These restrictions are necessary owing to concerns previously expressed by residents near the venue. any breach could jeopardise the club’s continued use of the venue and the transgressors will be dealt with severely by the club with potential sanctions including exclusion from the event.

The committee would appreciate if all could take note and adhere to this request.


Important update from the IOWCC COMMITTEE:
Based on complaints and to try and assist with numbers available for marshalling, the committee propose changing how events are run. All competitors willnow have to complete 3 runs before any competitor can attempt a 4th. Any competitors unable to complete 3 runs by the mid point of the day will have their runs forfeited however they may be able to continue from their 4th run after the mid point.


There is also a change with late competitors signing on and taking part. Normally if a member gave notice of late attendance to Membership, they would have a briefing and walk round at the mid-point on the day. This meant they would have 6 runs. Now due to the new rule change, members arriving late are still able to compete later in the day (with a valid reason and notice given) but will only have 3 runs.

These new rule changes will soon be amended on the club’s regulations which can be viewed here http://iowcc.co.uk/

Hopefully see you all on Sunday.

Matthew Price
Membership Secretary
Isle of Wight Car Club LTD




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