Minutes of Committee Meeting, 20th April 2011

Dan Morgan, Andy Williams, Phil Rudd, Steve Wells, Russ Thomson, Dan Westwood, Brian Robins, Paul Wills, Steve Stotesbury, Toby Allen

Rebecca French, Richard Weaver, Matt Price, Malcolm Smith, Gordon Bushell

Approval of previous meeting minuets:
Not presented

Membership Sec. report:
£430 for Sydenhams, £554 for Knighton, £265 AGM, £1255 to be banked.
£297 was raised for the hospice last year, matched by Melville hall hotel. Cheque to be done ASAP. DM to arrange.

Treasures Report:
Current account: £4748.12
Savings account: £2055.46

Rule Clarifications:
New members must show driving licence on application and day members must show them at sign on.
You can only run a lower class car in 2 out of the 6 rounds for SS and USS if you want your class points to count towards the higher class championship.

Matters Arising from Meeting:
Website membership Paypal – Only to be used for membership renewals. Notes to be added to website with membership application form link added. DM to action.

Stickers on trailer. Good idea. SS and TA to get quotes.
What happens at scrutineering? Is there a list? If not a definitive checklist will be created and adhered to.

Meeting closes at 22:00.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 1st June, 20:00 @ Camp Hill prison officers club.

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