Round 7 Report

With mixed surfaces, elevation changes and a dramatic backdrop Knighton never disappoints to create a memorable event.

The risk of rain hung in the air, but, for the most of the day the track stayed dry and improved with each passing car, letting the times tumble towards a dramatic finale.

26 drivers enjoyed a day of friendly competition where they tries to be the fastest in their class or even to obtain the title of faster driver of the day.

Class 1 is for unmodified cars under 1400cc and class 2 is for unmodified cars over 1400cc. Both classes are limited to basic road tyres, you are allowed to fit a rear 4 point safety cage to protect the participants and a sump guard to protect the car, other than this, the cars need to be standard.

Class 1 – New members Simon Johnstone and Michael Jolliffe from Wight Karting were competing in their 1000cc Nissan Micra and their skills in karting transferred well to the loose surface with them finishing 15th and 13th overall. Rob Highmore finished 12th overall and Darren Phillips demonstrated that the standard classes can be very competitive in the overall rankings by not only taking the class 1 win but finishing in 7th place overall in the Ford KA he shares with Rob.

Class 2 – Steve and Jacques Ridett had a close battle all day in their standard Toyota Corolla and in the end Steve took the class win by only 0.17 of a second.

Class 3 is for modified cars under 1400cc and class 4 is for cars over 1400cc, both cars must resemble a road going car in appearance and have the same engine/ transmission layout. These cars are permitted to use knobbly tyres.

Class 3 – Alfie and Adam Froment were competing in a modified Nissan Micra. Keith Thomas and Courtney Mullen were in their Clio and Joel Gilby and Charles (Boo) Gilby were competing in their MG ZR. It was fantastic to see Courtney take the award for the fastest lady of the day and Boo take the class 3 win and finishing 8th overall.

You can drive and compete from the age of 14 and Joel Gilby took the award of the fastest youth of the day sponsored by Jake Ellis Sunglasses.

Class 4 – 13 drivers competing during the day were in class 4 cars and the top 5 overall positions were made up of class 4 drivers.

James McEnery was on form for a podium finish but after a rare mistake he damaged his Fiesta and had to settle for 5th in class and 5th overall.

Kevin Richardson in his Suzuki Ignis and Steve Glass in his Bini Cooper S were in a tight battle for the 3rd step of the podium and on his last run Steve put in a fantastic time half a second quicker than Kevin to take 3rd in class and enjoy the podium bubbly supplied by podium sponsors Pro-Tek.

1st and 2nd place in both class 4 and overall was just as tight between Wayne Hole in his rally Ford Focus and Jon Barrett in his rally Subaru. In the end, Jon to the class 4 win and overall top spot of the day, 0.27 seconds ahead of Wayne.

Class 5 is for highly modified cars, limited production cars and specials such as Martin Goddard’s ex-autograss single seater. Martin would have been on track for the event win as his times were blisteringly quick, however, a few mistakes incurred penalty points for hitting cones, knocking him down to 6th place overall but he still went home with the class 5 award.

Wight Karting were not only on the track in their Micra, they also had their amazing kart simulator van, so that there could be some virtual off track competition.

Jacques Ridett took the 3rd place medal, Jakey Jarrold showed that sim racing is not just for the youths by finishing 2nd, but showing he has skills in both events was Joel Gilby with the fastest kart time around the very challenging Willow Springs circuit.

Thank you so much to Wight Karting for adding this very exciting addition to our events.

Thank you also to everyone who helps make these events happen, we genuinely need volunteers to help set up and run the event, so that we can all enjoy this fun, cheap and accessible motorsport. 

The next event is also an Unsealed surface event, this time back at Atherfield on the 3rd of September.

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