Your vote counts

At this years AGM we have a couple of things for members to take a vote on.

Changing of Constitution clause 17 “Payment Of Subscriptions”
From “Membership shall be due from the date of the AGM or the first event of the season, whichever comes first.”
To “The Club’s membership year shall run from the 1st January to the 31st December.”

While the current wording implies that “the season” corresponds to the calendar year it isn’t always interpreted that way. This change is intended to make it less ambiguous.

Sprint & Hill climb Standard Car / Road Car Category Fuel
Motorsport UK has asked each club to feed back on a rule change affecting Speed events.

S10.6.1 – Currently states that for Standard Cars, Road Cars-and Modified Cars, pump fuel is mandatory. Only air may be mixed with the fuel as an oxidant.
FIA Specification fuel (FIA Appendix J Art.252 art.9) is currently permitted under the definition of pump fuel and therefore permitted within these categories.
Do you think the regulations should allow for FIA specification fuel in the Standard Car and Road Car Categories?

FIA Spec fuel allows up to 102 RON which would generally not be considered normal pump fuel “of the type on sale to the general public” as per the definition in the MSUK Yearbook

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