Hidden treasure

Every year in the off season, the IOWCC like to organise some events that are just for fun, family friendly and a great social.

This year’s Treasure Hunt ticked all those boxes.

Andy Williams not only set a scenic route to follow, with a list of things to spot and find, there were also some funny photo challenges and IOWCC stickers to locate.

The event started at the Ambassador Snooker club in Gunville with a late breakfast or an early lunch for those who wanted them before teams were being handed their questions and route and set off at intervals.

This is not a speed event, so no need for a fast car. In fact the trick is not to drive fast, that way competitors have time to look for items on the list such as – what can you buy for £2:50 (answer – a bundle of wood kindling) or how many white posts are along this road (answer -20, two lots of 8 and 4 at a house at the top of the road).

Some of the funniest things to do or find out included having to WhatsApp Andy a photo of your entire team in a wooden boat (bonus prizes for funniest photo) and how many car parking spaces were in the Range carpark in Northwood. Seeing everyone run round counting and having different answers must have baffled the Sunday shoppers. (answer 188).

Reigning champions Team Gas Racing were triumphant for the 3rd year running. What is it that this team have? Is it detailed knowledge of the Isle of Wight, an ability to seek out answers like a crack team of detectives or just a determination to win? Whatever it is they seem to have so much fun doing it and after all that’s what these events are all about.

Thank you so much to Andy for organising such a great afternoon of fun.

Our next event is a non-championship forward only autotest on the 12th of March at BAE Systems. 

Check out our website for more details, www.iowcc.co.uk.

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