Healey Weeknd Report

The isle of Wight Car Club’s annual 2 day event, the Healey Weekend, comprised of rounds 12 and 13 Saturday’s autotest was held at BAE systems in Northwood and Sunday’s autotest was held at Westridge car park in Ryde. If a competitor competes in both of these rounds their combined times are added together and the fastest in each class is given an award and the individual with the fastest combined overall time is presented with the coveted turbine trophy.

Saturday’s event although dry included a spectacular water splash section as the car park was partially flooded. This made for some stunning images and slippery driving conditions.

This venue is held on a large open carpark, perfect for the larger more powerful cars to stretch their legs.

International rally driver Richard Weaver in his Evo 6, dominated this event in his all wheel drive rally car and it was a spectacular sight to watch and combined with the brutal sound of the anti lag provided much entertainment for the spectators and fellow competitors alike. Richard finished the day with the overall win and class 4 award.

Not such an easy day for Sue Mitchel and Steve Glass whose power steering belt broke on their Ford KA. Exactly a year ago at the Healey Weekend BAE venue, Steve’s power steering belt broke on his Ford focus. Proving that the IOWCC is a friendly club, Shane Parry offered Steve to use his Ford KA and Louise Wren kindly let Sue borrow her Ford Puma, so that they could continue. Sue said afterwards “I’m now a Puma fan lol”.

Class 1 win on Saturday went to James Robbins in his completely standard Citroen C1.

Class 2 was awarded to Louise Wren in her completely standard Puma.

In class 3 there was a proper battle between the Greenen family, all finishing within a second of each other, however, it was Andy Greenen who took the class win and finished 3rd place over all.

Class 4 went to event winner Richard Weaver. 

Class 5 and 2nd place overall went Andy Williams in his single seater special.

During the evening, competitors either relaxed, or spent the night spannering away to repair or improve their cars for Sunday’s event.

Sunday’s venue at Westridge carpark in Ryde (next to Tesco), was a much tighter course and would favour the smaller nimble cars.

Richard Weaver was unable to attend this event due to family commitments, so this not only gave other competitors a fighting chance to get on the top step it also completely opened up the door for the combined Healey Weekend award as you need to attend both days to be in with a chance of holding up the amazing trophy made from a helicopter turbine.

Proving the point that you do not need a race car to be competitive, James Robbins in his completely standard C1 not only took the class 1 win for the day he was also the 3rd fastest driver overall.

Class 2 went to Louise Wren in her standard Puma.

Dave Goodwin in his classic mini put in a fantastic drive and finished with the class 3 win and with the fastest time of the day took the top step of the podium.

Class 4 is for modified cars over 1400cc and James Mcenery’s Ford Fiesta definitely falls into that category and with a stunning drive he took the class 4 win and finished 4th place overall.

After a slow start, Andy Williams found his form and finished with the class 5 win and stood on the 2nd step of the podium.

The Healey Weekend is a fantastic two days of club level motorsport and rewards drivers who can consistently produce good consistent results.

Combining all the times of the weekend our Healey Weekend winners were – 

Fastest youth – Joel Gilby

Class 1 – James Robbins

Class 2 winner and consistently the fastest lady of the entire weekend was Louise Wren

Class 3 – Dave Goodwin

Class 4 – James Mcenery

Class 5 and overall Healey Weekend winner was Andy Williams

2023 is the 75th anniversary of the IOWCC Healey Weekend and we are hoping to make next year’s event even bigger and better with a large social event and just maybe a night time driving event.

Watch this space.

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