What do I need to compete at Autocross?

MSA Licence (National B Non-race or better) – Helmet (Snell SA2010 or newer, FIA 8860-2010, FIA 8859-2015 are all common approved standards – sticker will be inside the helmet somewhere) and goggles/visor unless in a closed car. – Overalls (FIA 8856-2000 is the most common approved standard – it will be stitched onto the outside of the collar) – Gloves (preferably ?ame retardant meeting FIA 8856-2000) – Classes other than standard production cars will also require a FHR device (FIA 8858-2010) It’s worth getting hold of FIA 8856-2000 rated overalls and gloves as you can use them for sprint, hillclimb, rally, circuit racing etc as well.

What does my car need? –

Mud?aps – Yellow tape on the battery negative lead and a sticker marking the ignition on/off positions are recommended. – You can strip the car out, but make sure you retain the dashboard and door cards so there are no sharp edges to cause injury. There are more requirements for the modi?ed and special classes, but provided your car is safe it should pass scrutineering with no issues. Competitors are advised to read sections J, K and N of the current Blue Book.

How can I help Marshal?

Do you fancy seeing all the action up close? The IOWCC requires trackside Marshalls for its forthcoming Auto X event being held over the weekend of Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th August at Sticelett Farm, Northwood, so if you love motorsport then why not try your hand at Marshalling. Experience is not needed as we will pair you with a person who knows what is involved and they will show you the ropes. All we ask is that you are over 18yrs of age, can communicate clearly and precisely, be committed and can remain focused at all times whilst cars are out on track. If you think you’d like to be involved in assisting at our event in August or any of our clubs further events then please contact the Isle of Wight Car Club via our email address or FB page and we will get back to you or pop along and see us at our next event on 15th July at Cheverton Chalk Pit where a member of the committee would be happy to talk to you in more detail. Oh, did I forget to say that we will also provide you with lunch from the onsite catering facility and supply you with some goodies whilst out on track during the Auto X event.

What is a Marshall?

Motorsport events can not happen without satisfying lots of legal/safety requirements and even if these are met an event can not run without Marshalls. Marshalls are people that love motorsport but not necessarily wish to compete and give up their free time to assist with driver and spectator safety, track repair’s, ensuring competitor’s adhere to the rules of the event and many other tasks during an event. The requirements may differ from event to event but the core skills remain the same and there is no better place to be than out on the track in the thick of the action. Although no experience is required (as previously mentioned) you may wish to have a look at the following website where you can undertake free online training and will give you even more opportunities to Marshall at events around the UK. We have club members that are often on Welsh rallies, trackside at Silverstone and many other locations throughout the UK.

Click here for a link to the MSA Marshal website page

Hope to here from you soon.


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