Autocross on the Isle of Wight Q&A Meeting

Thanks to Southsea Motor Club in conjunction with the Isle of Wight Car Club we are proud to announce that Autocross is coming to the Isle of Wight in 2017.

The Syd Taylor IOWCC Autocross will be held at Duxmoore Farm on the 12th and 13th of August.

What is Autocross? Imagine a mixture of our usual Unsealed Surface events, however, over several laps, at much higher speeds and with multiple cars on the course at one time.

This event is held over 2 days with plenty of practice and competitive runs. With many competitors coming from the mainland for this national event, this is an amazing opportunity to try this exciting form of motor sport.


What do you need to compete?

You will need an MSA National B competition licence, fire proof overalls and an in date helmet.

You will be able to compete with any car as there are many different classes, however, some modifications such as harness and mudguards must be fitted.

Beyond this we as a club are unsure of the finer details required to compete, but John Taylor from the Southsea Motor Club has volunteered to come to the island to help answer all our questions.

This meeting is open to all
and will be held at
Camp Hill Community Sports Club
(just off Forest Road – google it)
Friday the 28th of April at 8pm.
The bar will be open and they don’t close until 1am so it should also be a great social.




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