Committee Meeting Minutes – 8th November 2011

Dan, Toby, Paul, Dan, Andy, Malc, Brian, Steve, Basra

Rich, Boo, Russ, Phil, Gordon

Approval of minutes
1st aid still to be done.
SR still to be looked at.
Quote for stickers still to be done.
Andy Osbourne has been found.  PR given details.

Treasurers Report

Membership Sec. Report
30th Knighton 30 competitors, 20 sign on day, 10 pay pal, 8 day members
£150 for cones to AW
Chairs purchased with IOWCC Paypal

TA / MP to get numbered stickers for HW.
AW preparing IOWCC calendar.  Any dates to avoid should be submitted to him for consideration.   Hoping to start season around last week March / 1st week April.
SS and PR to arrange HW courses.
SS sorted HW trophies.  Collecting Thursday.
AW CoC for HW.

Matters Arising
AGM, provisionally, club to subsidise food.
Venue, provisionally, to be the quay arts based on menu approval. Looking at 1st / 2nd week of March.

Christmas hamper for land owners.  RW to arrange and get committee approval.
DM to investigate use of quads / ATV buggies for a single event.

Next Meeting @ Tuesday 24th Jan @ Camp Hill 20:00

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