Minutes from Committee 5th October 2011

Location: Camp Hill, Isle of Wight

Daniel Morgan, Toby, Paul, Russ, Dan, Andy, Gordon, Phil, Malc, Brian, Steve, Basra

Rich, Boo

Approval of minuets
Not done 1st aid yet, Boo to get another date for AW, RW, BR
Tow rope and wheels dollies here
Cones ordered
SR still to be read
Steve to get final quote for trailer stickers
Toby still to buy chairs

Treasurers Report
Business savings account – £2055.98 @ 29th June
Business premium account – £5825.94 @ 30th August
Andy Osbourne has a shareholding > 10%  This needs to be diluted down by issuing more shares to existing shareholders or finding AO relatives to get the shares released.

Membership Sec. Report
Kev Maybe and Will Thomas Approved
Knighton, 11th Sept, 27 entries, 2 credits, 6 paypal, 19 day, hospice = £19 + 1 full membership.
Atherfield, 25th Sept, 30 entries, 1 credit, 10 paypal, 19 day, hospice = £19 + 1 day membership
£160 paypal + £368 cash banked
£105 to be banked

Knighton 16th
Knighton 31st
HW – Send mail and “advertise” evening meal at Melville.  MS to Book Bargemans

Membership Communication
Ensure we communicate quickly when and venue and or date has been changed.

Clerk of Course Reports
Need to ensure stop box points away from spectator area and pits etc.  Ensure we don’t undermine CoC at events.

Invite hospice to HW to receive cheque
AGM for early March @ Quay
USS venue available at PW farm

Next Meeting @ Tuesday 8th November @ Camp Hill 20:00

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