Committee Meeting 19th July 2011

Dan Morgan, Andy Williams, Toby Allen, Russell Thomson, Richard Weaver, Brian Robbins, Dan Westwood, Matt Price, Phil Rudd, Rebecca French, Steve Stotesbury, Malcolm Smith, Paul Wills

1.       Apologies
Gordon Bushell.

 2.       Approval of previous meetings minuets
Still to get quotes for beams and look at old beams to test functionality.  Pauls house 10am this coming Saturday.

3.       Treasurers Report
29th June – £2055.98p Bus Premium A/C
29th June – £5781.83p Savings A/C

 4.       Membership Sec. Report

17th July Round 5 SS- BAE
44 entries in total
18 pre-signed on at £10


26 on the day at £12




Owed to Hospice


2 Day members @£8


2 Full members @£25


1 Full member @£1 deducted membership


Cleaning items owed to Martyn Cutler Minus £46.49


Aron Foyll approved as a full member

5.       Venues / Events
RW to 100% confirm Atherfield ASAP
Calbourne PCT and Autotest all fine, run as a social event. Club to fund. BB rules start @ 14:30 Saturday.  10:00 Sunday.  Very relaxed.
Nunwell RW to confirm

6.       Regulations
RT and RW to present these completed before or at the next meeting.  PR to provide them with electronic versions of historical versions.

First Aider
MS to speak to MSA regarding liability of club / individual administering first aid.  Should it look ok then the club to fund RF, RW and AW 1st aid course @ £85 each.

8.       Wheel Dollies
Club to purchase 4 wheel dollies and a tow rope

9.       Complaints / Protest Procedure
Should be addressed to clerk of the course on the day.  Then, if needed, elevated to the steward.  This to be added onto drivers briefing and website.  Further complaints to be sent in writing to committee with £10 complaint fee.

10.   Officials on the Day
Clerk of the Course and Steward to be listed on trailer

11.   AOB
PR to produce health and safety policy
Cones to be surveyed on Saturday
Stop box protocol to be hammered home during safety briefing
Wrist bands needed
Scrutinisers need to use the sheet and record paperwork
Dan is unprofessional
Malc to get EMBH cheque
Change membership form address
HW, need to get details out to membership in order to get hotel booked and obtain exclusive use.

Next meeting 23rd August @ Camp Hill @ 20:00

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