Date: Sunday 3rd March
Venue: Haslett Farm, Sandy Way, Shorwell, PO30 3LN
Supplementary regulations: download
Pay in advance: paypal form

A bit different to our usual autotests, Car Trials is where you put your skills against a steep and slippery course in an ordinary road car. If you stop moving forwards, leave the course or touch a marker gate, it’s game over. The person who gets the furthest on all the courses is the winner.

What you’ll need:

  • A car with summer tyres – these are your normal road tyres. No winter or knobbly tyres allowed!
  • A passenger or “bouncer”. Someone to jump up and down to help you get traction when you need it the most.

…and that’s basically it!

You’ll find all the regs for Car Trials here, if you want to read them.

Car Trials FAQs

Can I share my car?

Yes! You’ll need a passenger and “the crew” (that is, the driver and passenger) can’t change during the event but there’s no reason you can’t both enter as a driver and passenger for each other – just the same as if you partner up with someone and both enter to drive in a Production Car Autotest.

If you have touring car (basically a production car with a fixed roof) with rear seats, you’re allowed to carry as many passengers as you have seats for – though you need to carry the same people on every run and the extra weight may or may not be helpful!

What car can I use?

It doesn’t have to be a production car, but there does have to be two seats and mud guards. The usual safety rules apply.

What happens during the event?

Once everyone has signed on, each driver will be given a number at random. You’ll attempt each course in number order and halfway through the event the order is reversed so it’s as fair as it can be with changing course conditions.

I don’t have a driving licence – can I compete?

Of course – just as with autotests you may drive from the age of 14 provided you have a passenger who has a valid RTA driving licence and is an experienced competitor.

You can be a passenger in the front seat from the age of 12, and anybody from the age of 2 may ride in the back provided they are secured in a car seat as they would be on the road.

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