Event Date Venue
Non-Championship Autotest 18th February Isle of Wight College
AGM 2nd March The Chequers Inn, Rookley
Round 1 (SS) 11th March BAE Systems
Round 2 (USS) 18th March 20th May Knighton Sandpit
Round 3 (SS) 15th April Isle of Wight College
Round 4 (USS) 3rd June Cheverton Chalk Pit
Round 5 (SS) 1st July BAE Systems
Round 6 (USS) 15th July Cheverton Chalk Pit
Round 7 (USS) 29th July Atherfield Green Farm
Isle Of Wight Autocross 11/12th August  Sticelett Farm
Round 8 (SS) 2nd September  Isle of Wight College
Round 9 (USS) 16th September Atherfield Green Farm
Round 10 (USS) 30th September Haslett Farm
Round 11 (USS) 28th October Knighton Sandpit
Round 12 (SS) 3rd November  BAE Systems
Round 13 (SS) 4th November  Isle of Wight College
Round 14 (SS) 25th November  Fort Street Car Park