Round 10 this Sunday!

Good Evening Members!

Just a quick reminder we’re at Little Pallence Farm in Northwood This coming Sunday the 28th! For those of you not sure where that is please see the photo below!

Please if possible use the sign on function on the website.

Also, you may have noticed the “members profile” section on the website is somewhat out of date, if anyone would like their profiles updated, or added please send your profile in for it to be added to the website!

Hope to see you at the weekend!



£1500 Raised for Kissy Puppy Fund!

Good Evening All!

Firstly thanks to everyone who supported the motorsport festival with your help we were able to raise £1500 toward the kissy puppy fund!

Atherfield this coming Sunday 14th for round 9 shortly followed by Round 10 2 weeks later on the 28th! Please where possible utilise the online sign on function through the clubs website!

Please also note due to restrictions imposed on us by Sandown Parish Council Round 12 at Fort Street previously set for October the 26th is being moved back to Sunday 30th of November.


Hope to see you at the weekend!


Club Sec